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Will It Be A Bittersweet Victory?


Well, the House Intelligence committee, reportedly along party lines, has voted to release the Nunes memo.  The memorandum is a compilation based upon research by Chairman Nunes of classified documents and reports indicate that the subject matter revolves around surveillance of the Trump campaign and the issuance of a FISA warrant.  A couple of things that strike regarding this memo are: 1. Nunes granted access to every member of the House yet only about a dozen democrats have read the memo (about 190 republicans have been reported to have read it); 2. with all of the leaking that has been going on this past year from the DOJ and persons inside the White House, no details from this memo have been leaked.  In fact, come to think of it, it seems that everything that has been “leaked” negatively targeted Trump or someone from his campaign and/or administration.   Hmmm… interesting pattern, don’t ya think?

The release of the memo is now in President Trump’s hands, once the intelligence committee voted to release the memo, it was turned over to the White House and Trump now has five days to determine if he has any objections to the release of the memo.  Another interesting thought, the vote to release the memo came the evening before Trump’s first State of the Union Address.  It has become clear that Trump is not falling into the normal D.C. traps that overcome most politicians, at least not yet; which could lead one to the conclusion that he will not spend five days determining whether or not he has any objections to the release of Nunes’ memo.  Was the timing of this intentional to allow President Trump to discuss details of the memo during his speech tonight?  

While many republicans appear to be salivating with the pride of “gotcha”, indicating that this memo will result in arrests and blow the cover off of a deep and widespread conspiracy; if it truly contains evidence as has been reported, it is a bittersweet victory.  Though many hope it will finally bring an end to this nonsense of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign; and that it will provide evidence of the connection between the HRC campaign, DNC, Obama administration and corruption at the DOJ, that such a conspiracy took place in the highest of places in our government for so long is a sad commentary for our republic.  It is also a sad commentary on journalism in this country.  When a political party uses the power of the executive office (under Obama) and the highest law enforcement agency in the land in attempt to seat a President; then when those attempts fail, to undermine the elected President to the point of calling for impeachment in order to remove him from office, and the media is complicit that is a dangerous place for our nation to be.  How far are we really from the coups that take place in third world countries?

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At this point, it seems the best we can hope for is that the entirety of any conspiracy is brought to light for all Americans to see, that all of those involved are brought to justice regardless of position or stature, and the rule of law is once again established in our republic.



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