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Why Never Might Be Now


Happy New Year!  Hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday season.  With this new year comes so many stories and issues, it is difficult to pick one to discuss.  While one would think the passage of such a historic tax bill and the record setting weather we are having would be controlling the news cycles, the fear that must be overwhelming the left keeps the insanity in the headlines.  The new book “Fire and Fury”, the Trump v Bannon war and absolute nonsense posited by Joy Behar of The View (just to name a few) are serving as distractions from the many positive things that are happening in our nation.  Would it not be nice, even if for just one day, we could be united in the optimism that abounds as a result of the lifting of regulations and tax burdens by the new administration?

The upcoming mid-term elections will determine whether President Trump’s administration will continue through the second half of his first term with a Republican controlled congress, or if his agenda will be brought to a sudden halt if Democrats are able to flip even one of the chambers.  It would seem reasonable to expect that conservatives would find their path much clearer with an economy that is now steaming back, and a little closer to home for the average American, those increases in take home pay that the vast majority will begin to see when the tax bill takes effect next month.  But unfortunately, liberals do not seem to be swayed by facts, they tend to dig their heels in and blindly follow a narrative that is often times false, hypocritical, and generally divisive in nature.  It will certainly be interesting to see how they attempt to defend their unanimous opposition to the tax cuts we will enjoy for several months before heading to the ballot boxes.

With regard to Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion by the Trump campaign, it seems there has been more come to light that implicates HRC, the Obama administration, and the DNC in, at the very least, questionable activity while no evidence that Trump or his campaign was colluding with Russia has been released.  After eight months, if Mueller and his biased team have not been able to come up with anything substantial to indicate the alleged collusion took place, it is time to shut him down and stop wasting tax payer dollars on what appears to be a liberal scheme to derail Trump’s presidency.  Unfortunately, inflammatory, and very likely untrue, comments by Steve Bannon that many are describing as coming from a place of anger and jealousy could potentially breathe new life into Mueller’s investigation.  The quotes by Bannon that appear in the new book “Fire and Fury”, are not only in complete opposition to his previous statements regarding the accusations of collusion, but are intensely personal against Trump’s family.  This seems to support conclusions that Bannon’s intent was to retaliate against Trump and cast a shadow over those that are a part of an inner circle in the west wing that Bannon was unable to penetrate. 


Yes, President Trump’s response to Bannon’s accusations were swift and harsh.  Would you expect anything less from Trump, especially when his family is being attacked?  The left is still up in arms over Trump’s tweeting habits, probably because they cannot figure out how to combat his ability to reach the American people directly and where they cannot control the message.  Have you ever watched The View?  Doubtful that many of you have based upon the ratings and numbers.   It is rather baffling to me how the show’s viewers can stand to listen to such insane, unhinged commentary.  Joy Behar’s rant about how Trump needs to be on medication and hospitalized, seriously, she needs to take a look in the mirror and listen to the ridiculousness that spews from her mouth.  How in the world can any person with the ability to think and reason listen to this nonsense, let alone buy into it? 

What we should be focusing on, and what Republicans need to flood the media with are the numerous wins for the American people over the past year.  Obviously, the tax bill tops the list with its $5.5 billion in cuts and its repeal of the Obamacare mandate.  Vast cuts in regulation that have saved about $8.1 billion, helped reduce the unemployment rate to 4.1% and helped in the creation of nearly 2 million NEW jobs.  We have a rebounding economy under this new administration that has resulted in consistent record highs reached by the Dow Jones and the GDP above 3% for at least two consecutive quarters.  The withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement that threatened job killing regulations and required us to pay extreme sums of money for its administration.  We have withdrawn from TPP and opened NAFTA for talks in pursuit of more fair-trade policies for American manufacturing companies.  Expansion of drilling and our energy infrastructure will bring us closer to energy independence.  A crack down on criminal illegals, an increase in the removal of criminal gang members by 36%, the addition of 100 new immigration judges to speed up processes.  Working in conjunction with Central American nations our Justice Dept. brought down nearly 800 MS-13 members (an 83% increase from the prior year) while the multi-nation effort resulted in the arrest of 4,000 MS-13 members.  New grants to fund larger law enforcement entities are available for struggling departments.  President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy that blocks about $9 billion in foreign aid that was being used to fund abortions; he worked with Congress to see an Obama regulation blocking states from defunding abortion providers overturned.  Trump has signed numerous Acts to assist veterans including the authorization of $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program; creation of the VA Hotline.  He has directed the rebuilding of the military; worked to increase defense spending; empowered military leaders to act and win; flipped expansion of the caliphate to see ISIS lose virtually all of its territory; IS leading from the front with a peace through strength mentality. 

And there’s more….he’s still pushing forward to keep his campaign promises.  He has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered our embassy to be moved; he is standing up to the brutal regime in Iran and North Korea’s unhinged Kim Jong Un.  He is withdrawing foreign aid by the billions to countries that oppose us or who assist or harbor terrorists.  It is no longer the Obama apology tour that weakened America globally, but a return to a strong America that does not bow to other nations or quiver at the threats of deranged dictators.  You cannot deny that Donald Trump is working hard to keep the campaign promises that he made, despite the obstruction of Democrats and the lack of effort among many Republicans in Congress.  Most of you already know this, but for those who don’t, in full disclosure, I was a never Trumper and grudgingly cast my vote for him in November 2016, because a President Hillary was just not an option.  Last January I found myself relieved that Obama was no longer in office and that we managed to avoid an HRC administration, yet still anxious about a Donald Trump presidency.  I soon found myself defending him as the MSM reporting was not just biased, but quite often full of blatant lies.  As time went on, I found that I agreed with the things he was doing with regard to policy both domestically and abroad.  Today, I cannot deny that he is not only doing a good job as POTUS, but is trying to keep each and every campaign promise that he made to the people.  It is rare that you can say something like that about any elected official. 

Yes, he definitely has his own way of doing things, and there are still times that I cringe at some of his tweets, but that does not change the fact that so far, he has been an effective leader and brought positive change about in a short period of time.  His twitter response to Kim Jong Un’s threat at first does seem a bit infantile, but somehow this style works for him.  We also have to keep in mind the way the world and other leaders view us after 8 years of weak leadership under Obama, Trump has to overcome that to show the world that we are still the United States of America.  Further, as Trump is not a “speak softly and carry a big stick” type of person, and is known for being very vocal, a non-response from him would have been viewed as weakness.  For those of us who deal in facts, it would simply be intellectually dishonest to deny that President Trump is doing what he said he would, and it is working, even if at one point you were a “never Trumper.”  Despite the fact that the left continues to push narratives that have no basis whatsoever in fact, and that the MSM no longer reports the news but rather serves only as a mouthpiece for the liberal left, I am optimistic about the coming year and looking forward to seeing how far President Trump can turn this country to get our ship righted and back on the path the founding fathers intended.


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