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What These 7 States Have in Common

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Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Florida, Utah, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  These states all made the top 10 rankings for fiscal solvency.  What do they have in common? These 7 states are also among the 19 states that did not buy into Medicaid expansion.  Am I suggesting that a single commonality among these 7 states is sufficient correlation to conclude that their economic success is a direct result of opting out of the Medicaid expansion?  Of course not.  There is a much bigger picture to look at and countless variables that span over many years.  I would note however, that 4 of those 7 states were also ranked among the 9 most conservative states in the union and that all 7 of them were won by President Trump.

The 5 states ranked at the bottom, as having below average fiscal solvency, are Kentucky, Illinois (a state on the verge of bankruptcy), New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Not one of these states opted out of the Medicaid expansion, and the only one taken by President Trump in the 2016 election was Kentucky.  Massachusetts and Connecticut also ranked among the 9 most liberal states in the union, and are ranked 49th and 50th in fiscal solvency.  Since we mentioned the top 10 rankings above, let’s be fair and see who ranked 41st-45th in fiscal solvency.  Maryland, New York, Maine, California and Hawaii win that prize.  Incidentally, not one of them was won by President Trump and Hawaii and New York also made the list of the 9 most liberal states in the union. 

This is certainly not enough information to draw any hard and fast conclusions from, although it does seem to suggest a definite pattern.  







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