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What Exactly do Feminists Want?


I was hoping to avoid this subject as I hold very strong opinions on it and will likely step on A LOT of toes.  But, oh well, this is America and you are free to stop reading right now.  Social media is once again, or still, buzzing about the march the feminists had, for the record, I have no clue what message anyone thinks they are sending by running around with vaginas on their heads, or what it is they think that will accomplish.  Personally, I found it offensive.  No, I did not cry for a safe space, I simply did not pay any attention to it.  Imagine that, it is possible to completely disagree with others and find their behavior offensive and your world not crack in half!  They had their say and now I am exercising my right to disagree and speak out on behalf of myself and anyone else that happens to agree with my perspective.

What exactly do feminists want?  The glass ceiling is a myth, yet they continue to perpetuate the idea that if you are a woman, that fact in and of itself will keep you from achieving career goals or climbing the corporate ladder.  Tell that to the women currently serving as CEOs for fortune 500 companies, and the four women who became Supreme Court Justices.  The fact is, man or woman, you are only limited by yourself, your skills or education, your drive to succeed, and your own personal priorities.  Yes, I said priorities.  There is no disagreement with the statistics that suggest men tend to hold higher positions or to be promoted more often, but there is a logic to that.  Women have been blessed with the ability to bear children, which serves the continuation of the species.  Women have historically been the caretakers in our society, and like it or not, generally speaking women are more suited for the job.  So, logic dictates that a woman will be more likely to miss work for parenting reasons than a man, and less likely to work 50-60 hours a week.  This does not preclude couples from making their own decisions as to how parenting duties will be shared; this is America, if a man wants to stay home and raise the children while his wife brings home the bacon, that is their choice.  And there it is, the funny little word that feminists do not seem to understand, or at least will not acknowledge, “choice.”

It is all about the choices we make.  No one is forcing women to start a family or have children, no, not even the pro-life movement (we simply do not believe you have the right to kill a child once you have taken part in the creation of that child).  No one is forcing women in this country to do anything.  Well, let’s qualify that statement a bit, feminists are placing a great deal of pressure on women who do prefer to be a wife, mother and homemaker over having a career.  Somehow the idea of a woman foregoing a career outside the home in favor of being a full-time mom has become something that is looked down upon in certain circles.  That is quite baffling, I thought being a feminist was all about a woman’s right to choose.  Believe it or not, many high school girls feel pressured by the feminist movement to go to college and have a career, stating that they feel they are letting their gender down if they choose to live their lives otherwise.

Having had the opportunity to be a full-time mother, obtain a Master’s degree and have a career, I can tell you that for me, spending time with my children and raising them myself gave me more satisfaction than any other accomplishment.  And during my years in the workforce, I met only one woman who did not say she would rather be home raising her child/children.

Who truly then is standing up for women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose her own path? Here is where I will lose many of you.  Take a look at our schools, take a look at the rate of teenage incarceration and suicide, take a look at the state of our society and how it has declined with the rise of feminism.  Do you not think that a lack of parenting has played any role in the current state of our society?  So many of our nation’s children are being raised by day care centers and the public-school system is it any wonder they are having a difficult time in the world?  We have entered a vicious cycle where more women flooding the workforce has played a role in throwing off the balance of supply and demand and contributed to the stagnation of wages making it difficult for a man to financially support a family on his own.  No one is suggesting that women working is the sole reason for any of this, but it is a factor.  This places many families in the position of being forced to have two wage earners in the household in order to survive.  So, to some degree, however large or small it may be, the more women enter the workforce the more women are forced to enter the workforce whether they want to or not.

Bottom line, who is truly supporting a woman’s right to choose her own path?  I must concede at this point that I do not understand what it is the feminist movement wants.  On the one hand, they shout about how wonderful women are and how they can do anything a man can do, then they proceed to blur the gender lines and try to be more like men.  I find that rather confusing, I like being a woman, I have no desire to be a man.  I support a woman’s right, anyone’s right regardless of their gender, to choose their own path in life without being pressured by one group or another or fear of being looked down upon because of their choice. If a woman wants a career, go for it, it does not make you any more or less of a woman; if a woman chooses not to have a career in favor of being a full-time mom or housewife, it certainly does not make her or what she does any less valuable.  In fact, I believe that raising the next generation is one of the most important jobs a person of any gender can undertake.

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