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Is your head going to explode if you hear someone say “Russian collusion” one more time?  Are you getting a headache from shaking your head so much as inanimate objects are blamed for the actions of criminals and the mentally ill?  Do your ears ache from hearing all the talk with no action behind it regarding all of the evidence that has poured in against the HRC campaign, DNC, members of the FBI and DOJ and Obama administration?  Shouldn’t Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, have been arrested and charged by now?  How is your blood pressure after watching just five minutes of news these days?  President Trump appears to be a man of action.  Yes, he talks a lot, he tweets a lot, but he also acts.  Can you imagine the just plain anger he must be experiencing as he pushes so hard to keep his campaign promises while the rest of the government seemingly sits on their hands?  I am beyond frustrated with AG Sessions right now, and quite frankly a little surprised that Trump hasn’t given him the boot.  Could it be too much to hope that it is simply because there are things happening that Trump knows about and we don’t?  Probably not, but wouldn’t that be nice?

This blog is supposed to be about sharing the facts and calling the media out on their false reporting, but we have pretty much hashed out what has been dominating the news cycles for the past year.  There is still no evidence of collusion by the Trump campaign.  Mueller is negotiating an interview with President Trump that some have reported signals the end of his investigation is nearing.  I will believe that when I see it.  It seems pretty clear that the purpose of the accusations and the entire investigation was to derail Trump, if Mueller concedes there was no collusion with Russia on the part of President Trump or his campaign, the Democrats will have to come up with another narrative to discredit Trump and hamper his agenda.  Not only that, what, if anything, will be done with all of the evidence that has been brought to light during this investigation? As we have discussed numerous times in previous posts, the evidence all points back to the Clintons.  Now there’s a surprise. 

At the core of all of this corruption sits the Clintons.  There have been decades of scandal after scandal surrounding them that started way back in Arkansas before Bill Clinton ever became President.  With every scandal involving the Clintons there is a trail of bodies; suicides, accidents, all involving people who could potentially incriminate them.  Be honest, do you really believe there is anyone at the DOJ that has what it takes to go after them?  I do not.  There is already so much out there with regard to her private server and emails, her own collusion with Russian operatives in the preparation of the bogus dossier, the UraniumOne deal, the suspicious death of Seth Richards, and the list goes on, yet we never seem to get past “we’re looking into it.”  Just like the Mayor of Oakland.  They are looking into it, they are considering filing charges against her.  What’s to look into?  She sent out the tweet warning of the upcoming ICE raids and does not deny it.  What’s to consider?  She sent out the tweet warning of the upcoming ICE raids and does not deny it.  


What about Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente, Rod Rosenstein, James Clapper, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page?  Oh yes, Sessions is still considering a special counsel to investigate the whole FISA abuse issue and Nunes is threatening  to issue subpoenas to the Obama administration folks who refused to provide responses to his ten questions.  That seems to be all they do is consider and threaten, but nobody is worried because so far there has been no teeth to threats by conservatives.  Come on Sessions, we are talking about secret courts that hold secret hearings that have allowed a clearly corrupt DOJ to violate the constitutional rights of American citizens.  What is to consider?  Does this not warrant a serious investigation?  Or do you honestly believe the DOJ is capable of investigating itself?  Sure, let’s put the fox in charge of the hen-house, after all, we are only talking about the biggest breach of authority in the history of this nation.  And why is Nunes only threatening to issue subpoenas?  Just do it! And when they do not comply with your subpoena, don’t coddle them, charge them with contempt.  Are you guys serious about getting to the bottom of these issues or just looking for sound bites for your next campaign?  Are you going to represent and act on behalf of the American people, or simply try to make it appear that you are?

Then we have the 2nd Amendment issue.  Conservatives spout their talking points of how more gun legislation is not going to solve the problem.  Then they cave and create more gun legislation.  Because changing the age requirements to purchase a firearm is the answer to ending mass shootings.  Because it’s not a whole lot easier to purchase a weapon illegally on the streets than to purchase one legally at a gun  shop.  Because 97% of gun crimes are not committed with guns purchased illegally!  Stop doing things just so you can say you did something!  Does common sense really lead you to believe that someone considering shooting others is going to care if he/she is legally in possession of a firearm?  More legislation affects no one but those that obey the law to begin with.  There were so many opportunities to stop the shooting that took place in Parkland, yet rather than focus on the failures of the FBI, the Sheriff’s Office, the social worker and the school, we are going to further infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens.  Yep, that ought to fix the problem!  (smh)


Yes, our constitution is about autonomy of the states.  However, there are certain areas where authority and responsibility rests with the federal government, and providing for the national defense just happens to be a biggie.  That means protecting our borders and controlling immigration.  That also means that federal laws governing our borders and immigration supersede state laws.  Sorry California, but unless you want to build a wall around your entire state and restrict movement to and from your state into the rest of the country, you have to abide by federal immigration laws.  There is no question whatsoever that illegal immigration poses a threat to the safety of American citizens, therefore, your sanctuary policies, given that there is no border control between the states and we move freely into and out of them, creates a threat to the rest of the nation.  Cudos to Sessions for filing suit against California with regard to its immigration laws.  Now arrest and charge the Mayor of Oakland for obtstructing justice and endangering the lives of ICE agents with her little warning tweet!  

Bottom line, we the people need to demand action from our representatives.  




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