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The Outer Limits


Have you ever heard that old saying that a woman can throw out of the back door with a spoon faster than a man can bring in at the front door with a shovel?  This seems a better description of our government and elected representatives’ stewardship of the taxpayers’ money.  While neither party seems to be capable of doing the job the American people entrusted them with, Democrats in Washington have truly flipped their lids.  Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland is attempting to garner support for a bill to remove President Trump from office based upon claims that he is not mentally fit to serve as President.  Democrats have been emptying their little bag of tricks since they lost their bid for the White House in November in order to discredit Trump’s victory and impede his ability to forward the agenda that got him elected.  The whole Russian collusion narrative appears to fall apart as facts and details become public, in fact, if you follow the facts they seem to be more indicative of multiple setups by the Democrats than any wrongdoing on the part of Trump or his campaign.  But this narrative and bill that Raskin is pushing is so maniacal, one must wonder who is truly mentally unfit to hold office.

The bill proposes to create an eleven-member commission made up of mostly physicians and psychiatrists that would examine President Trump and determine whether he is physically or mentally able to do the job.  A similar group on Presidential disability was established in the 1990s to evaluate what to do when a president’s ability to serve was in question, however, it was later decided that it was an impractical solution.  President Trump has proven throughout the campaign and during his first few months in office that he is physically up to the task of performing the duties of President of the United States, making it crystal clear where the Democrats are headed with this insane waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

In an article by William Steakin, AOL.COM, Steakin reported on a conference held in April at Yale University wherein more than thirty mental health experts offered that they had an “ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness.”  It was reported by The Independent that none of these mental health experts had ever examined Trump personally, apparently their ethical responsibilities are only an issue when it serves their liberal agenda.  Where were their so-called ethics when they offered public opinions regarding Trump’s mental health based solely upon hearsay and what they saw on television?  It appears the conclusions of the thirty or so mental health experts are based upon Trump’s tweeting habits and tendency to make exaggerated statements regarding unimportant issues such as crowd sizes.  They specifically pointed to his comments about the number of people in attendance at his inauguration.  If that is their criteria for diagnosing a person as mentally unstable and dangerous, we better start building a whole lot more mental facilities in this nation.

For purposes of full disclosure, I am not a licensed mental health professional, however, I do hold a Master’s Degree in psychology.

Numerous mental health professionals from both sides of the political spectrum have criticized those proffering professional opinions regarding President Trump’s mental health without so much as an intake interview never mind any type of formal assessment.  Personally, I believe that to run for such a high office that bestows such power and responsibility as does being President of the United States and leader of the free world requires some degree of narcissism.  But it is a huge leap from having that type of perception of yourself and a diagnosable personality disorder of narcissism.  First of all, Trump’s childhood and adult life are inconsistent with this disorder that is most often rooted in fear.  Fear of failure or weakness, a deep-seated insecurity and underlying feeling of inadequacy.  Healthy, and sometimes over the top self-esteem on the other hand is established within us generally as a result of real accomplishments during our lifetime and successes achieved resulting from talents or skills one has mastered.  It would be difficult to argue that Trump has not been successful due to his own skills and talents. This is not to say that someone who is good at what they do and has subsequently realized great success as a result cannot be a true narcissist, the question is do their actions come from a place of feeling inadequate that drives them due to an unhealthy need to prove themselves over and over or do they simply have pride in their accomplishments and a constant drive to be and do more.  There is not a thing wrong with wanting to do and be more, even once you have achieved great success, that is an absurd assumption for anyone to make.

Do Trump’s tweets often go too far? Yes.  Does Trump have a tendency to exaggerate?  Yes. Does that serve as undeniable evidence that he is unstable, dangerous, or mentally ill? Not by a long shot.  Is a fisherman who tells a tale of “the big one that got away” and the fish gets bigger with every telling dangerous or mentally unstable because he tells a tale with some embellishments?  Is there a single person out there that can say they have never exaggerated or embellished a story in the retelling?  I doubt it.  What about responding to personal attacks from the media or on social media?  Is there something wrong with defending yourself or your family?  Personally, I often feel like Trump has gone too far with his comments on social media and that their content is inappropriate, especially for the President of the United States.  But I believe much of this goes back to that controversial statement Ted Cruz made during the primary debates when he referred to Trump’s “New York values.”  While Cruz was attempting to make a point about Trump’s mannerisms and behavior, the fact remains that there are definite differences in how people from different parts of our country view appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  There is no question that people from the south tend to find the more blunt and abrasive nature of many from the northeast somewhat offensive.  It is all about what one has become accustomed to, for example, in the south, we are more inclined to laid back approaches. Is one approach more appropriate than the other?  That is not for me to say, many of Trump’s supporters, regardless of their background or geography, are motivated by his refusal to back down from confrontation and hard-hitting comments.

Raskin and his democratic colleagues, approximately two dozen have joined his deranged plot, are attempting to use the 25th Amendment as a basis for establishing this commission to determine Trump’s fitness to serve.  The 25th Amendment was passed after the assassination of President Kennedy to put into place guidelines for maintaining the continuity of government should a president become incapacitated or unable to discharge the duties of the office.  It has never been invoked in a manner as the democrats are currently attempting, and in fact has only been invoked six times since its ratification. I find it quite amusing that those behind this insanity claim that Trump is delusional as part of their attempts to persuade people he is unfit, when any attempt to have him declared unfit or incapable of discharging the duties of the office, and to that end removed from office, would require the support of Vice President Pence and 2/3 of both houses of congress. Who is really delusional in this scenario?

From college students claiming they need “safe spaces” to the non-stop fraudulent news reports of collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia, to the current accusations regarding President Trump’s mental state, the political scene in America must look like a comedy of errors to the rest of the world.  Democrats have called Trump an embarrassment to our nation, someone please introduce them to a mirror.  There are real and serious issues we are facing as a nation, and this irrational attempt on the part of Democrats to dismiss the will of the people and distract from the business of our country is where I believe the insanity truly lies.  Where is the outrage for the time and taxpayer dollars being wasted on nonsense that clearly has no possibility of accomplishing a single positive thing?  If we are going to start questioning mental fitness in Washington it seems that Mr. Raskin and his cohorts should be first in line for psychiatric evaluations.


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  1. They just wanna discredit him because he is doing exactly what he said he would do and isnt doing it just for personnel gain or to be liled by everyone

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