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The Neverending Story…

no hillary

We are almost an entire year post the Presidential election and like it or not Donald Trump won!  Can we please move on with the business of getting our country on the right path now?

I for one, and I imagine I am not alone in these sentiments, am sick and tired of hearing constant accusations ranging from Russia to social media being the cause of Hillary’s demise.  Personally, I was squarely behind another candidate in the primaries, but even I must admit that Trump acquired quite a following.  Having attended one of his rallies out of morbid curiosity during the primary, I personally witnessed the standing-room-only crowd, many of whom drove quite a distance to attend.  That being only one of many political rallies I have attended over the last twenty some odd years, never have I seen such energy and undying support for any candidate as I witnessed at that Trump rally.  Even then, I was still somewhat shocked at his success in primary after primary, and still believed that had Kasich and Rubio dropped out at an appropriate time, Ted Cruz would have won the nomination.  But, they did not, he did not, and Trump did win.  So yes, even this die-hard Ted Cruz supporter had to move on, get over it, and support who I believed was the only option in the general election, Donald Trump, and I thank God that he defeated Hillary.

Is it really so hard to grasp that so many people regard her with such disdain?  Hillary Clinton has been involved in scandal after scandal that began well before her and Bill entered the White House, and continued well after they left.  Her record in the Senate indicates she did little more than show up for work on occasion, and her record as Secretary of State proved her a dismal failure.  She used her office for personal gain, lied to the American people on a regular basis, brokered deals that put this nation in more danger, and was responsible for the loss of American lives due to her inaction.  And yes Hillary, lives were lost so at this point it absolutely does matter!  She wasted no time trying to get the country to move on from the needless loss of life she was responsible for, yet spends a great deal of time trying to keep us from moving on from her election loss.  Why is it such a surprise to anyone that she lost?

I would like to propose that we the people, the consumers of all media, begin turning a deaf ear, change the channel, and simply stop engaging in the media’s non-stop onslaught of the blame game intended to do one thing, undermine Trump’s presidency and make it more difficult for him to rally members of Congress to act on behalf of the people who elected them.  The people sent Trump to Washington to do a job, and the people need to insist that the media and Congress stop the constant efforts to block him from fulfilling his campaign promises.  Even the harshest critics must admit that he has been relentless in trying to bring about the changes he promised during the campaign.  We are the media’s consumers, let’s send them a message by changing the channel every time they give voice to this nonsense, not reading articles attempting to keep the issue alive, and not engaging in online discussions regarding the matter.  If we stop watching, and stop engaging, with any luck the left’s agenda of questioning the integrity of the election and legitimacy of Trump’s presidency will lose enough steam that more important matter, those issues that affect our daily lives, will move to front and center.  And maybe, just maybe, Congress will begin to get the message that We The People want action, real action, on healthcare, tax reform, and immigration.  Don’t be silenced, make your voice heard in avenue possible, the future of our country depends upon it.


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