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DNC Lawsuit Nothing More Than Elaborate Publicity Stunt


They simply cannot accept the facts, that Hillary Clinton was a sub-par candidate, that they had no message to motivate voters, that their own actions against Bernie angered democratic voters, and they ran a flawed campaign.  All of their attempts to place blame elsewhere have failed so far.  Even this concocted witch hunt regarding collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is getting them nowhere, so now they are stealing a page from history in hopes of igniting a fire under their base, those Trump haters that would do or say anything to see him go down.  However, the DNC will face many obstacles in this frivolous lawsuit, the first of which will be obtaining the cooperation of Russia and Wikileaks.   Continue reading “DNC Lawsuit Nothing More Than Elaborate Publicity Stunt”

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CNN to Compete With Comedy Central

Branco on Postelection Strategies 2016

Need a good laugh?  Flip on over to CNN for a couple of minutes.  Their spin on the conclusion reached by the House Intelligence Committee that there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign is rather amusing as commentators exclaim this is a win for the Mueller investigation.   Continue reading “CNN to Compete With Comedy Central”