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Somewhere Between Government Truth and Fiction Lies the Actual Truth


Partially because I cannot imagine that I am the only one sick of the Russian collusion story, the immigration war and certainly the non-stop attacks on Trump; and partially because of the evidence of far-reaching improprieties leading to the Russian collusion investigation, we are going a bit off message today.  Not that I blindly trust our government by any stretch of the imagination, or that I am too naive to believe our government would ever attempt to deceive us in such a manner, but I have never really been one to buy into many conspiracy theories.  Yet here we are, and why, to some degree it is a result of the massive conspiracy that it appears existed to stop Trump.  The DNC, the DOJ, the Obama administration, the HRC campaign…, all apparently connected to this dossier that sits as the cornerstone of the Russian collusion allegations and investigation.  Then there exists all of the conflicting reports and eye-witness accounts of the shooting in Vegas.  It is certainly enough to cause one to step back and question, question just enough to do a little research.  

Everyone has heard the numerous conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks of 911; personally, I have never given any credence to them or taken the time to look into such truly out-there accusations.  Who really wants to believe their own government, the government of the United States of America, would be behind such a horrendous act?  Certainly not me.  Nonetheless, not having enough information to even participate in a debate on the issue, it seemed it was time to do a little research, see exactly what they were, what they were based upon, and the response to each.  What I found was, while many of the allegations do make one pause, many of them conflict with each other.  For example, some claim that there was no plane, no debris, no nothing showing that flight 93 crashed; others claim that flight 93 was shot down by an F-16, some claim flight 93 was “coming apart” before it hit the ground.  Well folks, you cannot have it both ways, either there was a plane and debris on the ground, regardless of how it got there, or there was not.  

There are claims that it is not possible for the planes that crashed into the towers to have caused them to collapse as they did.  They proffer that the steel beams could not have “melted” as there was not enough heat produced by burning jet fuel.  Makes sense, right?  So does the explanation offered by structural engineers that not only was the fire hotter than what would have been produced by burning jet fuel, as the fuel that was disbursed on impact would have been burned up within 10 minutes and the fire that continued to burn was burning the contents in the building as well as building materials; structural engineers also stated that the beams would not need to “melt” for the towers to collapse, that the heat was enough to damage their structural integrity.  The one claim that seems to pique the interest of even those who tend to dismiss the rest of the conspiracy allegations is  what took place at building 7.  The response to what happened to building 7 is, in a nutshell, that fires were burning in that building for several hours, that the building sustained a lot of damage on one side from fires and debris, that the building was designed to shift weight among the four supports when there was any type of compromise among them, that two of the supports were damaged by debris and when the weight shifted to the other supports it exceeded their weight limit ultimately causing them to fail.  This also makes sense.

There are accusations based upon what President Bush said and when he said it; there are accusations based on nothing more than allegations that President Bush left for the elementary school a few minutes late.  Okay, so because President Bush, a man who is always on time, left a few minutes later than planned, he must have been conspiring to kill thousands of Americans?  That is a stretch.  Because apparently President Bush made a statement that he watched something “live” on TV, and the timeline and availability of live footage does not seem to support that, he must have been conspiring to kill thousands of Americans.  Seriously?  How many of you have made the statement that you saw one or both of the planes hit the towers live?  And, because this would be the first time President Bush was ever known to have misspoken, correct?  Oh, and of course, that he stated he ordered certain security measures be implemented when that may have actually been done by some underling.  Did not Obama claim to have taken Bin Laden down?  Sorry, I did not realize that President Obama was on the ground with our Navy Seals.  

No disrespect for any friends or family of anyone who lost their lives on 9-1-1 is intended here.  But, if we are going to look at this, we must look at all of it.  Many family members of victims of 9-1-1 have claimed that it was an inside job, that they were not getting the answers that they were looking for.  That is an unfortunate reality in many situations like this, I think we have to concede that there are situations wherein information must be withheld for national security reasons, to protect our troops, etc.  In addition, it is not uncommon for grieving family to have such a need for answers, for an often unattainable explanation of how and why the death of a loved one happened, that they begin to create their own answers when the ones they get do not satisfy their need.  Moreover, the families of nearly 1/3 of the victims of 9-1-1 were part of a lawsuit filed against Saudi Arabia, claiming they were complicit and facilitated the attack.  This indicates a clear lack of consensus among families who lost loved ones on 9-1-1.  


While I do not buy that 9-1-1 was orchestrated by our government, by Bush or Cheney because of oil or a need to finish what President George H. Bush started in Iraq, this site was not created to tell you what to think or believe, or even to attempt to persuade you with regard to any particular issue.  It was created to point out inconsistencies in reporting by journalists, to offer up information that may not be presented by mainstream media outlets, and to encourage the American people to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.  Below are links to a few of the sites and articles I read.  I would encourage you to check them out, and by all means, do your own research on both sides of this issue to come to your own conclusions.

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