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Side Order of Sanity


It has been no secret that the political divide in this nation has become deeper, in fact most polls show that more than 80% of people believe we are more divided than ever. No secret that we are reaching a point where a civil discussion of issues between conservatives and liberals is near impossible without someone resorting to personal attacks.  Normally after an engagement with a liberal on social media I just walk away and shake my head in disbelief, but today it made me sad.  Sad that we have come so far that it is almost impossible to see us overcoming what has become absolute hatred for those with whom we disagree.  

Don’t worry, I am not going to break out into a chorus of Kumbaya just yet.  I was attacked based upon media that I admitted to listening to when the fact is I listen to many sources of media across the spectrum.  Does not mean I agree or disagree with their philosophies, but that I choose to be informed.  How can one expect to successfully defend a position when they have not taken the time to become familiar with opposing positions?  This is a personal pet peeve of mine; how can you know your position on an issue is the best one when you soak up all of your information from a single source and remain ignorant to other positions or thought processes?  Simple, you can’t, it would be like an attorney walking into a court room to defend his client without knowing the opposing side’s case.  

Liberal: memes and gifs are the result of a shallow mind.  No, they aren’t, they are illustrations and quite often pretty funny, we could use a little humor to tone down the insults being tossed about.  Unfortunately, this is how liberals often respond to facts or opinions proffered by a conservative because not only can they not offer any facts of their own to rebuff a position, but they often do not understand the position as they do not look past the mainstream media that has them brainwashed to the point that they often sound like Anderson Cooper’s parrot.  And I guess I better go remove the degrees hanging on my wall since apparently according to the liberals I am uneducated.  Does that mean I can stop paying on my student loans too?  Thought this was an interesting little tidbit, I have often noticed that when I check out the pages of those that tell me I am uneducated, they tend to be counselors of some type, teachers, or better yet completely lacking in any formal education themselves.  Another observation I find quite interesting is that there are so many that do not possess a formal education, but have been educated by experience, that often possess more insight than the highly educated liberals.

There is absolutely not a thing wrong with people of similar beliefs and values getting together whether in person or on social media and promoting their thoughts and opinions or with the use of amusing gifs or memes to express themselves.  Oh wait, I think there is something about that in our Constitution.  What is a problem, is when those from opposing viewpoints cross paths they cannot have a civil exchange. People who know not a thing about one another are hurling insults and accusations that have no basis in fact.   

How can we move forward as a nation when we cannot, or will not, even try to see any reason in each other’s opinions?  Healthcare legislation sits at a stalemate because one party refuses to come to the table and the other cannot seem to agree on what it should be.  I did not support Trump in the beginning, however, the people spoke up and made him the nominee of the Republican Party.  Of course I voted for him in the general election, I certainly was not going to vote for Hillary.  The people spoke, and I believe sent a message to our elected representatives.  The people are tired of the career politicians who are more concerned with winning their next election than serving the people who sent them there.  They are tired of promises of less government, lower taxes and returning this country to the people and never seeing the slightest move in that direction.  I sincerely hope that Trump is successful in pushing through his agenda, I believe that most of it will have a positive impact on our nation and each of us as individuals. If we can give him a congress that will cooperate with him and put aside petty differences, maybe, just maybe, enough changes can be made to SHOW liberals and moderate conservatives that there is a better way.  That a smaller government, lower taxes, and a government that exists to serve the best interests of the people is the American way and the only way the American Dream can be revitalized.  Maybe, if we can work together to accomplish this, we can narrow that divide and once again discuss our differences in a manner that allows us to find common ground and come together as a nation.



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