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Schumer Hands Out Lemon Soaked Pacifiers…


The Bible says call no man fool; so let’s refer to the Democrats as sulking children.  Their behavior, not just at the State of the Union Address last night, but overall, is absolutely appalling.  

The American people voted for immigration reform, something we have been promised for decades.  The American people elected an unconventional candidate for President because they were tired of the same old song and dance and nothing being accomplished.  The Democrats are not fighting based upon ideology or values, remember the Gang of 8, the immigration bill passed by the Senate that very closely mirrors what Trump is proposing?  Take a look at how that vote went:


This particular piece of legislation was led by Schumer in the Senate, yet now they are vehemently opposed to the very policies they were pushing, and even voted for in the past.  The legislation called for “no fewer than 700 miles” of border fencing, the end of the diversity visa, the end of a lottery for green cards meant to diversify the U.S. immigrant population, and even placed limits on chain migration.  Yet, now that the republicans and the White House are pushing a very similar plan, it is somehow racist.  Clearly, Democrats in Congress are not serving their constituents or this nation by seeking to pass legislation that would benefit America, their only goal appears to be obstructing Trump.  How childish!


When President Trump brought up the all time lowest unemployment rate among African-Americans in the history of this nation, the Democratic Black Caucus sat on their hands, scowls in tact.  Why would you not celebrate this kind of progress?  Could it be that they are afraid of losing the support of a demographic they have taken for granted?  Schumer must have handed out lemons for the Democrats to suck on prior to the address, likely pacifiers soaked in lemon juice for them to maintain the puckered, indignant facial expressions for an hour and twenty minutes!  They will all be visiting their estheticians for facials today in attempt to combat the frown lines.


CNN’s headlines: “Trump gets least positive reaction in at least twenty years.”  Hmmm… 

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There is no honor or honesty to be found among the Democrats or the liberal media.

Pelosi has repeatedly called $1,000 bonuses “crumbs”; yet in 2011 called a $40 payroll tax savings passed by President Obama a “victory for America”, tweeting that the $40 weekly benefit would “make a difference” to the American people. Debbie Wassermen-Schultz, disgraced former DNC chair has downplayed the savings Americans will see, claiming $1,000 is nothing and will be taxed so the people will not actually see that money.  She further stated that she has not heard of any bonuses that were more than $1,000.  How can one be so out of touch?  Numerous companies have announced employee bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $2,500, and many of them have also announced pay raises that will affect millions of Americans.  Wasserman-Schultz represents a district where the average income is $50k; between the increased standard deduction, overall tax cuts, raises and bonuses being handed out, how can she seriously take the position that her constituents will not benefit from this legislation?  Why people cannot grasp the concept that you cannot tax and regulate a company into prosperity is beyond me.  Why liberals cannot understand that companies struggling to make a profit cannot grow, cannot hire more employees, and certainly cannot afford to handout bonuses or raises is perplexing!

Liberals are complaining that the address did not highlight bipartisanship.  Seriously?  They are calling a proposal regarding immigration that closely mirrors legislation they previously pushed and passed racist, what could Trump possibly have said that they would consider a move towards bipartisanship?  They bashed him for espousing American values that promote family, safety and patriotism.  Democrats have come completely unhinged over their hatred for Trump, so much so that they refuse to acknowledge a single positive aspect of anything accomplished during the past year.  They could not even manage an expression of sympathy for families who lost children at the hands MS13 gang members.  In the June 29 House vote, 166 Democrats voted against “Kate’s Law,” with only 24 Democrats voting yea.  How can there be any questions as to who the Democrats are protecting?  

President Trump’s first State of the Union Address was a success, in message, tone and in delivery.  What made it potentially a pivotal moment in the upcoming mid-terms, the response of the Democrats.  They have shown their true colors on prime time and it was not pretty.

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