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Relief, Frustration, Anger…Pick One

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First of all, I love that the American people were allowed to be a part of at least a portion of the bipartisan, bicameral meeting with President Trump.  This should happen more often.  Stop the backroom deals and let us have real transparency in our government, real “government in the sunshine.”  Although that statement by President Trump that he would be signing “whatever they sent him”, with regard to DACA legislation was rather disconcerting, it was a definite relief when he rejected the bipartisan proposal by the “gang of six.”  Relief, frustration, anger… so many adjectives to describe feelings regarding the ongoing battle over DACA and immigration as a whole.

Most Americans are not in favor of deporting “dreamers”, it is difficult to simply ignore the fact they were brought here as minors by their parents, had no input or option in the act of illegally crossing our border, or that they have lived their lives in this country and call it their own; after all, for many of them it is all they know.  Yet we cannot simply ignore the impact this has on our country and the precedent it sets if they are simply granted citizenship as a matter of course.  We cannot continue with policies that create incentive for people to continue crossing our borders illegally.  While it does seem reasonable to allow some form of legal status while this group goes through the process of seeking citizenship through the proper channels, this does not satisfy Democrats in D.C. 

To the relief of many Americans, President Trump’s comment that he would sign whatever bill Congress sent him with regard to DACA, appears to be predicated upon the prior statements he made indicating that any bill regarding DACA must include a provision for the wall, it must end chain migration and the immigration lottery.  Along with that relief comes the frustration that, while that seemed clear in the bipartisan meeting with President Trump, and while in front of the cameras the democratic leadership appeared to indicate they could work with those demands, their battle for open borders and amnesty rages on.  It truly causes one to wonder, who’s side they are on. 

Democrats seem to be of the mind that the United States has not only an infinite amount of space geographically, but that we have the resources to take in every individual living in a third-world country that wants to immigrate here.  When asked closed-ended questions regarding the impact of such immigration, they go off on non-responsive tangents, often citing these words from the Statute of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.”  What they fail to consider is that this sonnet, by American poet, Emma Lazarus, was written in 1883.  It was written to raise money for the construction of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.  In 1883 the population in the United States was less than 55 million, today it is in excess of 323 million.  In 1883, people were still in the process of settling the western portion of this nation, the gold rush had started less than 40 years prior.  In 1883 the United States did not have a multitude of social programs being paid for from money forcibly taken from working Americans.  In 1883, the United States was a young nation, less than 100 years old with plenty of uninhabited land yet to be settled. 

Democrats will attempt to make this an issue of racism, and ramble on about a select few dreamers that are serving this country in the military (less than 1%), or have become college professors.  Nobody is making the argument that dreamers should all be deported because they are bad people.  On the contrary, most Americans agree there should be some type of legal provisions made for them, but short of the granting of amnesty and citizenship, as stated above, a temporary legal status while they go through the legal process for citizenship.  Though democrats are quick to tell these positive stories of dreamers and illegal immigrants, they refuse to acknowledge the disproportionate number of illegals that are criminals.  They refuse to acknowledge the economic drain illegal immigration is on our nation and the hard-working Americans being forced to pay for it.  Why is relying on facts to form conclusions now racist?  If you are white and conservative you are racist, if you are black or Hispanic and conservative you are confused and ignorant.  Any opinion or ideology that does not fall in line with that of the left is automatically wrong, racist, or cold-hearted, regardless of the facts and statistics that back it up.  Are the democrats not the party that preaches acceptance?   Oh, apparently that only applies if you fall in line with their ideology.

Like it or not, the facts are the facts.  This is not an attack on any one person or on any one nationality; it is simply a fact that illegal immigration has a negative impact on this country as a whole.  And guess what, it is not the uppity, high-dollar neighborhoods suffering the brunt of the impact from our out-of-control immigration problem.  How many illegal immigrants can afford to live in these areas?  No, it is the already struggling poorer neighborhoods being forced to expend valuable resources on services such as programs in their public schools for non-English speaking students rather than on other programs that would benefit our children.  What about low-cost housing?  What about the astronomical costs placed on our justice system?  What about healthcare? By law, the emergency departments must medically assess and provide persons with stabilizing treatments during emergency situations. 

Currently, Medicaid is the only public assistance emergency medical service available to illegal immigrants. These Medicaid emergency services have to be provided under the federal law. The federal law states that emergency Medicaid services must be provided to illegal immigrants for urgent medical conditions with acute symptoms that could endanger the patient’s health. This also covers the cost for emergency delivery and labor.  Who exactly does the left believe is paying for this.  A 2016 article in Forbes ( stated “…no honest person can deny that because of Obamacare, more taxpayer resources at the state and local level are being spent on health care of illegal immigrants than would have been spent otherwise.”  The same article further states “…it should be beyond all doubt that the ACA has increased the amount of resources dedicated to health care of illegal immigrants–the explicit legal prohibition against this notwithstanding.”  Any resources diverted to the care of illegal immigrants are resources not available to American citizens.  We are not an inhumane nation of people, it is doubtful that any American would suggest the denial of needed medical care to any person, whether here legally or not.  This is exactly why we must get control of our borders and immigration. 


Bottom line, the idea that illegal immigration is not costly to American citizens is simply dishonest.  We pay financially, and many have paid with their lives.  Yes, some form of provisions should be made for the “dreamers”; however, we must build the wall and secure our borders in order to control illegal immigration as well as stop the transportation of illegal drugs into our country, we must also eliminate chain migration and lottery programs.  You wouldn’t open the door to your home to some stranger while your children were sleeping peacefully in their beds without first taking some measure to determine their identity and intentions, we must take similar care with regard to who we allow into our country.  I sincerely hope that President Trump and the Republicans in Congress will stand their ground as Pelosi threatens to shut down the government if she does not get her open borders.  It is a matter of national security and the safety of every American, it is the single most important reason the federal government exists.  It is the responsibility of our elected officials to act in the best interest and safety of our nation as a whole and every individual citizen within her borders, as such, it is incumbent upon them to take care who they allow into our homeland.

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