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Political Idealogues or Experienced Experts; Who Would You Trust?

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This is going to be short and sweet.  Take a breath, give it a couple of months and see what happens.

With the exception of maybe Lindsey Graham, there are not likely many people in this country that are too excited about sending even more troops to the sand pit. But before you start screaming about campaign promises and how we do not belong there, let’s consider just a couple of things.  President Trump did something that Obama did not, he listened to the experts, the generals that know what is happening on the ground and know how to address the situation better than anyone else. Obama ignored the advice of those in the know who tried to get him to leave a status of forces in Iraq, not only that, he broadcast to the world exactly when and how the U.S. would be pulling out of Iraq.  The result, just as President Bush predicted, a power vacuum was created and guess who moved into the neighborhood?

Before we start flipping out and passing judgment, maybe we should wait and see exactly what our generals and President are going to do.  The only thing we know at this point is that the number of troops in Afghanistan is going to be increased, the fact that we were not briefed on any specifics of a plan to gain the upper hand, push ISIS out and begin bringing our men and women home does not mean there is not one.  If you were playing a game of chess would you hand your opponent a list of the moves you planned on using before the game even started, or a list of your closing moves in the middle of the game? Of course not, and you do not win a war by broadcasting to the enemy how you plan to defeat them.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, maybe we should find some encouragement in the fact that our President acted on the advice of the experts even though it was not completely in line with statements made during the campaign.  Take into consideration that his decision was not based on politics, but rather on what our generals believe to be what is in the best interest of this nation.  This is not about blind faith, it is about not rushing to judgment when you do not have all of the information, certainly not enough to have an educated opinion on the matter.  How about we give the President and our military the benefit of the doubt and see what happens in the coming months before passing judgment?

Transcript of President’s Address

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