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Has The Syrian Conflict Become a Power Struggle Between Putin and The Civilized World?

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How many of you had the opportunity to listen in on the emergency meeting of the security counsel called by Russia on Saturday?  For those of you who missed it, I will include it at the end of this post; Nikki Haley gave a speech that made me want to stand up and start chanting USA!  The situation in Syria is a hot mess and much of it falls on the shoulders of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.  There are many arguments for acting when a tyrannical regime commits the kind of atrocities we see Assad responsible for, and there are just as many arguments for staying out of another country’s civil war.   Continue reading “Has The Syrian Conflict Become a Power Struggle Between Putin and The Civilized World?”

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Is It Really Your Opinion or Simply Propaganda?


I want to hear from those of you who have ever met anyone with whom you agreed 100% on every issue, someone you have absolutely no difference of opinion with whatsoever.  Somehow it seems unlikely that anyone will be responding.  People are their own experiences, our perception of life and events is a cumulative effect of our previous life experiences and how we perceived each of those experiences as they unfolded.  This is what determines our world view and how we form opinions on different issues.  Since no two people have had the same exact experiences in life, and no two people have perceived each and every experience exactly the same, it stands to reason that we are going to have different opinions based upon our own lives.  Continue reading “Is It Really Your Opinion or Simply Propaganda?”