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No Sanctuary for Citizens


Merriam-Webster defines sanctuary as a place of refuge and protection.  Does that not sound like a great place to be?  Not necessarily if you are an American citizen and are living, working or visiting one of the nearly 500 jurisdictions that have declared themselves as “sanctuary cities.”  Contrary to what the media has reported, and would have you believe, according to studies based upon FBI crime reports not only do sanctuary cities have significantly higher violent crimes rates than do non-sanctuary cities with similar populations and demographics, but according to the Government Accountability Office and FBI illegal aliens committed more than 22% of all murders while being less than 7% of the population between the years of 2005 and 2008.  A study of the current statistics and a little simple math indicates that illegal aliens are at least six times as likely to commit murder than anyone other group residing in the United States.

Here is the big question: we are a nation built on laws where the rule of law is supposed to reign, so how is it that the elected officials in these “sanctuary cities” can arbitrarily decide to not just ignore, but violate the laws of the land that are clearly under the authority of the federal government?  I do not believe that any of us are naive enough to think that keeping illegals out is going to solve the crime problem in the United States, but based upon the statistics, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.  Think of the victims that would not have been victims at all if these rogue cities had been more concerned with the safety of their own citizens than those who entered our country illegally; the lives that could have been saved, the 65-year-old woman who was raped and brutalized in her own home by Sergio Jose Martinez who reportedly has a long criminal history that includes burglary, battery, and multiple deportations.


The mainstream media and its followers lost their minds when President Trump spoke about the murderers, rapists and drug dealers crossing our border, as if it was not even happening, where is their outrage for all of these victims?  Could they possibly be afraid of showing some compassion for the victims of these illegal alien criminals for fear that they may have to admit that Trump was right?  The federal government has been known to overstep their bounds and blackmail states into enacting certain legislation such as drinking ages and seat belt laws, yet this is one instance where I for one believe these jurisdictions should pay for their disregard for the law and the federal government should impose against them any all penalties allowed by law.


It is time for our elected officials to do their job, the Senate needs to pass Kate’s Law, all law enforcement agencies need to enforce the immigration laws on the books, and we need to build that wall!  Call your representatives in the House, call your Senators, tell them we the people are tired of their games and if they will not do the job they were elected to do we will find someone who will!


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