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Lock HIM Up!


I was really hoping to avoid the subject of James Comey and his new book, but it appears that is easier said than done.  One of the very first posts by DCoutsider expounded upon how the American people are tired of this witch hunt liberals call the Russia investigation, but they just will not let it go.  Not having the slightest bit of interest in Comey’s book or anything he has to say, his interview with Stephanopoulos was nowhere to be found on my watch list.  The extent of my knowledge of that interview is limited to a few clips being replayed, over and over, by the media.  So we will not be rehashing his every little word here.  Although, there is one particular comment he made that was quite interesting.  When discussing the Clinton “matter”, he proffered that if you did not have sufficient evidence after a year of investing it was time to move on (paraphrased).  Apparently that only applies when you do not want to find anything, or Mueller simply has not gotten that memo.  Or, maybe Mueller has moved on…. to Stormy Daniels.  What a joke!

This site was not intended to be a forum for any one opinion to be expressed, but rather to provide facts for readers to form their own opinions, however, we will deviate from that today because I need to rant a bit.  James Comey was a man sworn to uphold the Constitution of this country, and the rule of law.  Wow, we certainly have different ideas about that subject.  First of all, there was absolutely sufficient evidence, even from the reluctant and half-assed investigation conducted, to seek an indictment against Hillary Clinton.  He laid out the case against her in a live press conference, then dropped that bombshell stating that no prosecutor would take this on.  Personally, I believe this was his way of getting Loretta Lynch out of the hot seat after she was caught meeting with Bill Clinton on her plane in Phoenix, and she later stated that she would follow the recommendation of the FBI.  It is no secret that he and his family were Clinton supporters and like most Clinton supporters held great hostility towards Trump, and that is clearly evident in his mishandling of his job.  


Comey preaches about upholding the rule of law in his condemnation of President Trump, yet broke the law by leaking classified information.  That leak led to the appointment of Mueller as Special Prosecutor and sparked the witch hunt that has, to date, uncovered evidence against Clinton, the DNC and the DOJ, not President Trump.  Yet all of this additional evidence against Clinton and her liberal buddies has gone nowhere, instead, Mueller and his team have moved their investigation to include allegations of a 12-year-old affair.  It seems pretty obvious that no one involved in either the investigation of Clinton or the investigation into Trump is interested in upholding the rule of law, they are simply on a fishing expedition for anything they can possibly find to undermine Trump’s Presidency.  In addition, Comey committed fraud upon the Court with his involvement in seeking the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page.  He and his cohorts our Constitution right out the window with this debacle.  I for one, would love to know why we have not heard from anyone on the FISA Court with regard to this matter.  Comey admitted, under oath, that the Dossier used to obtain the FISA warrant was unverified and that the allegations contained within were without basis.  Yet he felt it was in keeping with the law to present it to a Court as a matter of fact in order to obtain a warrant to spy on an American, an American who just happened to be involved in the Trump camp.  


This man was at the center, and a key player, in a plot (yes, a plot!) to use the United States Department of Justice, to use the highest law enforcement agency in the land, first to influence the Presidential election, then to undermine the duly elected President of the United States.  He has broken many laws in the process, diminished any level of trust or respect the American people held for the Department of Justice, (justifiably) and now he is out in attempt to profit from it pushing his book of lies and innuendos. Comey and his buddies have turned our federal law enforcement agencies into something that closely resembles a third-world banana republic!  And where is Jeff Sessions in the midst of all of this?  The public has known of the injustices and unlawful acts of those that were sworn to uphold the law of this land for quite some time now, and I would love to know what, if anything, our Attorney General is doing about it.  Again, I would love to know why we have not heard anything out of the FISA Court Judges.  Seems they are all in hiding from shame.  

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