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It’s Really Not Rocket Science


I believe the American system of government was intended to be somewhat adversarial, where differing philosophies and ideas were argued by the representatives of the people to achieve an outcome that was best for all citizens.  But Washington is now worse than an elementary school playground with little cliques fighting against each other while allowing the business of representing the people to fall by the wayside.

In full disclosure, I did not support Trump during the Presidential primaries, and was not exactly thrilled when I found myself in the position of having to vote for him in hopes of keeping Hillary out of the White House.  And yes, I still cringe at some of the things that come out of his mouth, some of his tweets, and most certainly the timing of some of his comments.  But one thing you cannot deny, regardless of your political affiliations, is that he is quite often correct, and the vast majority of the policies he is pushing would benefit this country and her citizens. 

The left continues to call him divisive, when the fact is, Obama was the most divisive President in my lifetime.  Trump has definitely shaken things up D.C., and I fail to see how anyone could possibly argue this is not a good thing.  Yes, it gives an appearance of chaos, and yes, it has made it more difficult to get his agenda through Congress.  However, it has also allowed the people to get a better picture of the representatives we have sent to Washington to represent us.  Much has been made of his low approval ratings, okay, we already know that about half of the nation cannot stand him, and would not say a positive thing about him no matter what he did.  We also know how “off” the polls were in the last election.  In addition to that, he has been largely ineffective due to the animosity he faces from the Washington insiders, on both sides of the aisle, who are determined to see him fail.  Even though most of what Trump is trying to get pushed through the House and Senate are part of a platform that the people elected him on; not to mention, the vast majority of republicans in the House and Senate ran their campaigns on.  

We now know that Trump’s opponents, beginning with a republican group during the primary, then continued by the DNC and Clinton campaign, went to great lengths to create and push a narrative that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russian government to fix the election.  We know that Obama and his administration were aware of this, and we know that Comey, along with many others, in the intelligence community played key roles in this bogus scheme that has not only cost the taxpayers a fortune, but wasted almost an entire year during which much could have been accomplished had this not been hanging over Trump’s head and serving as a distraction from the business of our nation, not to mention the effect it has had on his political clout as President.  Laws were clearly broken, but time has shown as we have slowly learned more about what took place and the so-called “Trump Dossier”, the culpable parties were those screaming the loudest about Trump’s guilt, and many of them were the very people in charge of investigating the allegations.  Talk about letting the fox watch over the hen-house!

Let’s take a quick look at what Trump is trying to accomplish.  First of all he wants to secure the border.  Well, is that not a bit of a no brainer?  It is quite baffling why we are even having this conversation; and if it takes building a wall then we need to build the wall.  No, not all illegal immigrants (and YES, that is exactly what they are- if you cross the border illegally then you have broken the law and you are here illegally) are gang members, drug dealers, or even violent.  But you know what, a lot of them are, and that is exactly why we need to know and control who we allow into this country and who we do not. Because we do not properly vet, or properly control immigration, both legal and Illegal immigration are costing the taxpayers of this country a fortune, the tables below are from 2012, can you imaging what the numbers must be today?



It is a matter of national security and the safety of the American citizens, and it is also the job of the federal government to ensure our borders are controlled and safe and individual states and/or cities do NOT have the right to undermine or break federal laws that are clearly under its constitutional authority.  I am a big believer in the autonomy of the states and take issue with the manner in which the federal government has overstepped its power, often using the commerce clause to infringe on states’ rights; however, immigration and control of the borders of this nation are issues that belong to the federal government.  The temporary bans Trump has tried to impose on certain countries through the use of Executive Orders, they were perfectly legal and within his authority.  The Supreme Court could use some house cleaning as well, it seems they have forgotten their role is simply to interpret issues based upon the Constitution of the United States, not legislate from the bench and make things up as they go.

Obamacare, do we really need to get into this one?  The only people who have benefited from this program are those that qualified for the Medicaid expansion.  The rest of us got screwed in the form of tripled and quadrupled premiums with deductibles so high that unless something catastrophic happened we would likely never meet them.  Anytime government is involved, the cost will be at least four times what it would if left to the private sector.  Look at our schools, they are a perfect example, a child can get a much better education at a private school for a fraction of what public schools spend per student.  Put healthcare back into the free market, open up the borders so that insurance companies can sell across state lines.  Competition breeds both better quality and better value.  People worry about this issue of pre-existing conditions, if there is a market for policies that do not exclude pre-existings then there will be a product offered to meet market demands.  Yes, it will likely cost more, but that is because the risk being taken by the insurer is higher, common sense.

Tax reform.  Government spending is out of control in every area, there are way too many programs and agencies sucking the taxpayer dry.  The only place we are not spending adequate funds is on our military.  Time to get rid of them.  The Department of Education, why do we need a federal Department of Education.  Control, that’s it plain and simple.  The feds have no business in our education system, that needs to be left to the individual states and their individual districts.  No two districts have the same needs, and it is those closest to the issues that know what those needs are and are best capable to figure out a way to address them.  Naturally, the feds used the Commerce Clause to wiggle their way in to education.  Currently, the DOE has more than 4,400 employees with a budget of approximately $70 Billion! Much of that is returned to the states and districts, often in block grants to be used only as determined by the federal government, but we are still spending billions on payroll and expenses for an unnecessary governmental agency.  Did you know that the republican party has been trying to get rid of this department since the Reagan era in the 1980’s?  

We won’t get into how the current tax code is 100% unconstitutional, that was discussed in the article titled “Screwed by Party Politics.”  Yet nobody can argue that the middle class in this country is not getting screwed by the government.  Nor can anyone argue that our insanely high corporate taxes and ridiculous regulations are not driving businesses to relocate to other countries, and taking the jobs they provide with them.  This is not rocket science, government is too big, it is spending and WASTING way too much of OUR money.  We need more jobs, more well paying jobs, not the part-time crap that we saw under Obama when so many companies reduced the number of full-time employees and cut employee hours to avoid having to pay sky rocketing insurance premiums.  We need the kind of jobs that will only appear if we create a more business friendly environment for companies to operate in.  You can scream about big business all you want, but the fact of the matter is that they supply jobs.  As do the small, family owned businesses that are fading away because they cannot compete with larger companies due to the regulations and tax burdens imposed upon them.

My perspective on the matter so far, and this is coming from a one-time never Trumper, President Trump is trying to secure our borders and regulate immigration in order to protect the homeland and the safety of her citizens.  Not to mention the savings we would see in services being provided to both legal and illegal immigrants living off the taxpayer’s dime.  He is trying to rid us of the failing atrocity known as Obamacare, which has left the working class with either no insurance at all, or a policy that breaks your bank account and provides little to no coverage due to unheard of deductibles.  He is trying to bring about tax reform to give the middle class a break and give businesses incentive to come back or remain in the U.S. while allowing them the ability to grow and add jobs to our economy.  Sounds great, right?  Then why is almost everyone fighting him?  It is obvious why the left is, for one, they need him to fail, and two, they do not want the legacy of Obama undone.  Why are there those from his own party fighting him? That is pretty simply as well, they are allowing their dislike for him, and his fight against the establishment to put their own personal interests above those of the people.  They have a pretty good thing going in D.C., the money, the power, they do not want anyone to come in and mess that up for them, which is exactly what Trump is trying to do.  Yes, he could tone down some of his comments, but as for the war he is in with those who have made a career out of politics, whose main goal is to win their next election, it would not change a thing. 

Serving your country as a representative of the people is no longer a burden gladly carried by those who truly care, but for a great many, it has become a career path guided by a desire for power and influence.  This trend will not change until we the people wake and stop putting those we complain about back into power.  It is our time to say “You’re fired!”  As for the Trump Presidency, I truly hope that there remain enough members in the House and Senate, who do care about the American people, to work with him and pass some much-needed legislation to get this nation back on the right track



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