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It’s a Fine Line…


I have struggled with the appropriateness of engaging in the left’s inappropriate politicization of recent tragedies in the midst of such horrific human suffering.  It is a fine line, however, as one reader proffered, offering no response allows them to control the narrative.  In a reasonable world, there would be enough respect for humanity to simply do everything possible to help those suffering, but clearly there is nothing reasonable about the world we live in.  The most recent rhetoric of the left attacking the 2nd Amendment both lacks compassion in its timing and is based on nothing that comes close to resembling the truth or the facts. 

The debate over the 2nd Amendment and gun control has me feeling much like a parrot; the 2nd Amendment has not changed, its intent or meaning has not changed, the facts and statistics regarding gun ownership still support the same arguments conservatives have been making for years.  Why are we still debating this issue?  The only response to that question that I have been able to come up with is control.  Government is already controlling a large percentage of our society with social programs that make them dependent upon the government, but there is still this part of society that remains independent (as much as that is possible in this age of big government and regulation of everything), over which the liberal left knows they cannot assert control in order to move forward with their socialist agenda without first disarming.  

The constitution is clear about our right to bear arms and the words “shall not be infringed” are self-explanatory, at least to a thinking person.  Statistics show us that geographical areas of higher gun ownership have a much lower crime rate, in fact, places with the highest crime rates, highest murder rates and rates of gun violence, happen in cities with the toughest gun laws in the nation.  Australia is a perfect example of why stricter gun laws, or firearm bans, is not only ineffective but dangerous to the population.  Violent crime rates in Australia have barely registered a decrease since their ban went into effect, while in the United States we have seen a large drop in the crime rate along with an unprecedented increase in gun ownership.  I recently heard it said on a news talk show, by a guest from Australia, that now the criminals there are the only ones with guns.  

What part of “criminals do not obey the law”, is so difficult to comprehend?  No matter what kind of restrictions or bans are placed on firearms or other weapons, criminals will manage to obtain them.  Chicago could not be a more perfect example of this.  Beyond that, with regard to mass killings, we have seen that if someone wants to perpetrate such an atrocity, they do not need a gun to do it.  These lunatics are using bombs and vehicles to obtain the same result.  Shall we ban trucks and vans as well?  

I do not believe for one second that the left is concerned about the safety of the individuals in this country, were that the case, they would at the very least have to consider the implications of the facts addressed above.  The more they push to restrict our rights and disarm the population the more clear it becomes as to their true agenda.  They cannot, in a nation of free people, push forward their agenda of socialism as long as there are freedom loving patriots who are armed and willing to defend the constitution and our rights as so many that have come before us have done.

With that said, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who lost loved ones and friends in the tragedy that took place in Nevada and with those across the Caribbean that are still suffering in the wake of hurricanes.

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