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It Is All About the Constitution

It appears the intent of this page requires some clarification. is about following the Constitution of the United States, about a government for and by the people. If this nation had adhered to what was handed to us by the founding fathers we would not find ourselves in the chaos we must now attempt to reverse. As Benjamin Franklin said, they gave us a republic, if we could keep it. We did not, and we need to take our nation back and make it the republic it was intended to be. is not intended to be a page that supports any particular politician or candidate over another, but rather shares and discusses the issues in light of how they hold up against the Constitution. We will support ANY position that is in line with the Constitution and call out EVERY position that is not.

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Having studied the Constitution, along with the philosophies and ideologies of others that the founding fathers took into consideration as examples and ideals during this process, I am constantly amazed at what they were able to accomplish and how they accomplished it. Our nation has often been referred to as “The Great American Experiment”, right now that experiment is failing.  We are failing those that risked everything, those that gave their very lives, to leave us a nation free of tyranny and an overly burdensome government.  WE, those that value the freedom and liberty this nation was founded upon are the only ones that can save our republic. began as a means to shed light on the twisted reporting of journalism today and the outright lies broadcast in furtherance of their own agendas.  Our only agenda is the Constitution of the United States and holding our elected representatives and those tasked with its interpretation accountable for following it as written and intended by its authors.  There will be no apologies for calling out any politician whose actions do not serve the furtherance of restoring our republic. welcomes the perspectives of all readers and invites civil discussion that includes all points of view, but we will not hesitate to block anyone, from any perspective, that becomes vulgar or belligerent towards others.  Personal attacks will not bring this nation and its people together, they will not serve to persuade anyone of anything.  Our desire is that this page become an outlet for the free expression of all ideas in hopes that we can find common ground and begin the long journey back to becoming the beacon of freedom and liberty this nation was intended to be.
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