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Is It Really Your Opinion or Simply Propaganda?


I want to hear from those of you who have ever met anyone with whom you agreed 100% on every issue, someone you have absolutely no difference of opinion with whatsoever.  Somehow it seems unlikely that anyone will be responding.  People are their own experiences, our perception of life and events is a cumulative effect of our previous life experiences and how we perceived each of those experiences as they unfolded.  This is what determines our world view and how we form opinions on different issues.  Since no two people have had the same exact experiences in life, and no two people have perceived each and every experience exactly the same, it stands to reason that we are going to have different opinions based upon our own lives. 

MANY months ago, I tweeted about my disagreement with some remarks/tweets Trump made with regard to AG Sessions.  This was specific to his recusal relative to the investigation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  For the umpteenth time, no, I do not approve of the job Sessions has done as AG, in fact, it would not hurt my feelings a bit if Trump fired him today.  As a matter of fact, I have had many more posts and tweets expressing frustration with Sessions.  However, this has absolutely not a thing to do with my tweet that Trump needed to lay off a bit way back when.  I still support Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the whole Russian collusion investigation and I am going to explain, one last time, why.  Hopefully, if they take the time to read this, this person who is so put off that I disagreed with a couple of Trump’s tweets, will put their thinking cap on and get over it.  If not, guess they can join the liberals and find a safe space where they do not have to be confronted with an opinion that does not mesh with their own.

Jeff Sessions was one of the first elected officials to openly offer his support to Donald Trump, and he did it way back during the primary.  Sessions was very vocal about his support for Trump which tied him to the Trump campaign even if only a matter of perception.  This, in and of itself, is sufficient to cause the appearance of a conflict of interest whether one existed or not.  There seems to be no disagreement that someone from the outside is needed to investigate the DOJ and FBI, that those who are a part of the agencies being investigated should not be responsible for investigating themselves.  Why then is it so outrageous to suggest that Sessions should not be in charge of investigating the very campaign that he supported and was a part of, regardless of how small his role may have been?  Can you imagine the headlines if Sessions, a vocal supporter of the Trump campaign and now an appointee of Trump, was running this investigation and not providing evidence of collusion against that campaign?  It would not matter that there was no evidence to find, all that would matter to the liberal media is that the person in charge of finding the evidence was part of the campaign and therefore the investigation must be a fraud.  Sessions’ recusal of himself with regard to Russian collusion just made sense, it made sense then and it makes sense now.  It was the right thing to do ethically and it was the right thing to do politically. 

Does anyone honestly believe the left would have accepted a conclusion by Sessions, one of Trump’s biggest supporters, that there was no collusion on behalf of his campaign.  Do you truly think that Democrats would have been satisfied with that and let it go?  Do you not think at the conclusion of such an investigation liberal Democrats in D.C. would not have been screaming foul and insisting on a new investigation by an independent counsel?  If you believe for one second that an investigation headed by Sessions would have satisfied the left then you have not been listening.  Nobody believes there was any collusion, the evidence seems to indicate that this entire narrative is nothing more than an attempt to derail Trump’s administration, and that if anyone or any group was in collusion with any Russians it was clearly the HRC campaign, DNC and DOJ.  Democrats are playing a game of distraction and quite honestly, had Sessions not recused himself he would have played right into their hands and given the left even more evidence to drag this nonsense out and undermine Trump’s administration.

One of my biggest issues with liberals is their inability to articulate why they believe what they do beyond DNC talking points.  Most conservatives pride themselves on their ability to have rational and independent thought, meaning, we are not always going to agree on everything or with everything any elected official does, including Donald Trump.  It has been made very clear on this page, that I was a never Trumper, grudgingly voted for him in the general election, then found myself having to defend him based on flat-out lies by the mainstream media, and ultimately became a believer.  I support most of his agenda, I am impressed at his efforts to keep his campaign promises, I love his backbone and willingness to stand up both to Congress and to other nations such as North Korea.  But I am not a blind follower and never will be.  I have my own opinions on the issues based upon my own thought processes, if you disagree, hallelujah, this is America and you have that right and I support it.  But please, do us all a favor, if you are going to call yourself a conservative, please, please, please, have the ability to provide a foundation, use facts and common sense, to support your conclusions.  Don’t drag us down to the level of most liberals who only spout what they hear others say and don’t truly even understand.  Don’t take a position simply because Donald Trump did, he is not the messiah and he is not perfect, he is going to make mistakes just like every other person walking this earth.  It is actually possible to support someone and not agree with everything they say or do.  Believe it or not, you can actually disagree with something Trump says or does and not be a liberal, funny how that works isn’t it? 

So yes, once again and for the last time;  I support Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russian collusion investigation for the reasons listed above, he has a duty to avoid even the perception of bias or conflict, and yes, I disapproved of Trump’s badgering him regarding that decision.  If you disagree, that is perfectly fine and it is your right, but if you want to attack me for my opinion, at least provide a rational argument as opposed to simply hurling personal attacks and suggesting that I must be a liberal simply because I disagreed with something Trump did, it isn’t the first time I have disagreed with his behavior and it won’t be the last.  That does not make me liberal, it does not make me a Trump hater, it does not make me anything but a person capable of thinking independently from the party or representatives I identify with.

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