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Is It Really Worth It?


Let me preface this by stating this is in no way an anti-capitalism rant, but rather a sad observation.  Yes, Black Friday is older than most of us, and I get that it is considered the first official day of the Christmas season, especially as it applies to shopping.  However, am I the only one that thinks the emphasis and growth of Black Friday is turning Thanksgiving into not much more than a comma before Christmas?

You may not notice it, unless of course you or some member(s) of your family work in retail, but Black Friday, which now starts as early as Thursday afternoon at many retailers, has made it all but impossible for the more than 4 million Americans working in this industry to truly enjoy a family Thanksgiving.  Forget being able to travel anywhere for a family get together, those that do not have to be at work on Thanksgiving Day will most certainly be required to be there on Friday, leaving no time for travel.  The family was the foundation of American society, and a large part of why America thrived as it did for so long.  While those days are not necessarily completely over for all of us, they certainly are not what they once were.  

You cannot lay all of the blame on the retailers either, if the consumer was not showing up in such numbers for them to turn a profit, they would not waste capital to be open.  I love a sale and a great deal as much as anybody, but I would like to ask you, this year, while you are out fighting the crowds looking for that awesome deal, take a look around you at all of the employees at each of the establishments whether a retail store, car dealership, or even a restaurant, and ask yourself if finding that great deal is truly worth it or could it have waited just one more day.

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