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Is A Race War On Their Agenda?


Often times we get so wrapped up in what we are being fed by the media that we forget to look at what is right in front of us.  The media have us convinced that race relations in America have reached such tumult that we are on the verge of an all-out race war.  But let me ask you something.  Has anything changed between you and your friends of differing races?  Have you stopped speaking to or interacting with persons from other races when you are at the grocery store or at the gas pump?  In your own personal life, are you having any issues with relating to people of other races at work or otherwise?  I’m going to take a wild guess that your answer to those questions was “no.”  Then what exactly is it the media is feeding us to give the impression that there is such a divide between white, black and brown in America?

As tends to be the case with regard to most extreme ideas and issues, we are not hearing about the average American, what they believe or how they act.  We are seeing sensationalized reports about little fringe groups that simply yell louder and capture the attention of the media to be exploited for drama and ratings.  Take for example this whole fiasco with NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.  This particular protest has a “player’s coalition” that is comprised of approximately 40 players.  There are almost 1,700 players in the NFL.  That works out to what, less than 3% of the players, the rest that chose to kneel for a time have little by little begun to stand again.  We are led to believe that Al Sharpton speaks for all African-Americans; has anyone taken the time to look at how many followers he has on twitter?  President Trump has about 94 times the number of followers as Al Sharpton; National Geographic has a good 42 times as many followers as Al Sharpton.  In fact, Al Sharpton is so far down the list of most followed that I didn’t even find him listed.  No, twitter may not be the be all and end all as an indicator of popularity, however, it certainly is one indicator.  What about the white supremacist gangs, do any of you know anyone, or know anyone that knows anyone that is part of such an organization?  Black lives matter, white supremacists, ANTIFA… these are not the mainstream; these fringe groups do not represent the average American or what they stand for.  What they are is loud and violent, and they attract the attention of the media who then sensationalize the story to make it sound like this is an accurate representation of the people of the United States of America.

Nonsense!  I do not personally know, nor have I EVER met, a single person who identifies with any of these extreme ideologies.  Yes, protests, even violent protests have become almost normal; and the media shows up and beams images of these outbreaks of violence into our homes non-stop.  They cover these criminals in a manner that only serves to lend credence to their insane ideologies, and to make things worse, liberal elected officials tell law enforcement to stand down, to not do their jobs.  What about the moms and dads that took hold of their kids and forbid them to be a part of such ridiculous behavior?  We did see one such mother on the news, and I am quite sure there were thousands more just like her. But we are not going to hear about all of them, because we can identify with them.  Not only can we identify with their concerns, their comments tend to derail the message that the left and the mainstream media are pushing relative to race relations in this country.  The left has no message and cannot back up a single one of their positions with facts, as such, any disagreement with them is labeled as racist. 


Does racism exist?  Sure it does, in America and all across the globe.  And, in the hearts and minds of people from every race.  Do I believe it represents the majority of Americans, absolutely not.  Do I believe that it is so pervasive in America that we cannot function as a nation?  Again, no.  That is just one more lie of the liberal left being fed to us by the liberal media to push their socialist agenda.  Divide and conquer, because their policies have failed, their message has failed, they are losing the propaganda war and along with it their ability to control.  Look around and pay attention when you are out and about each day, see if the narrative the media is pushing is what is actually happening across this nation and in your neighborhood.  Journalism no longer means reporting the facts, but rather controlling what is reported and how it is reported in order to frame the message to suit the agenda of the liberal left.  How does that message stand up against what you experience each day?

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