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From Superpower to Third World Dictatorship?


Missing evidence, private servers, now secret societies holding secret meetings.  Are we living in the United States of America or some third-world dictatorship?  The longer this Mueller investigation goes on the more we find that points to the DOJ, FBI, Obama Administration, the DNC and HRC’s campaign.   The text messages released to date contradict Comey’s testimony.  He admitted to leaking confidential information to the media, we now have evidence that he committed perjury.  People are serving time in federal prisons for less.  Why, why, why, why are liberals seemingly exempt from the law? 


What is going on at the DOJ NOW?  And why does it appear that nothing is being done to follow the evidence?  It has been reported that Comey will “likely” be called back in for more questioning; more questioning, it seems pretty clear that the evidence exists to charge him with perjury at the very least, and what about leaking information to the press?  It has all become so convoluted it is almost difficult to follow.  There is a dossier at the foundation of an investigation of the President and his campaign that was paid for by his opponent’s campaign.  This same dossier; paid for by the Clinton campaign; put together by a former MI6 agent who was hired by a firm who Nellie Ohr worked for; whose husband, Bruce Ohr worked for the DOJ; the same dossier that the FBI has admitted they made no effort to verify the allegations contained within; the same unverified dossier that was used to obtain the FISA warrant to allow them to spy on the Trump Campaign.   The tens of thousands of missing emails, and now enter the text messages of which five months’ worth have “disappeared.”  Okay, so yes, it is not unheard of for evidence/discovery to occasionally be misplaced, however, this appears to be a common problem at the FBI when responding to subpoenas. 


Why did it take so long for anyone to figure out these text messages were missing?  Now, as someone who has not only prepared numerous responses to discovery requests, and received even more, a lot of questions come to mind.  The Justice Department provided lawmakers on Capitol Hill with nearly 400 text messages in December and recently delivered thousands more.  The Justice Department also said that it cannot find texts that Strzok and Page sent between December 14, 2016, and approximately May 17, 2017.  (Oh, and of course the mainstream media’s headlines are that Trump exaggerated the number of texts missing when he said 5 months…. that’s how they led this story.)  If the DOJ did this properly, their first step should have been to compile ALL the responsive documents and bates number them if that had not previously been done.  If the documents were not bates numbered or cataloged in some manner, how could they reasonably state that they had provided everything they had?  If they were numbered or cataloged in some way, they should have known immediately that they were not producing all the texts, before they were even sent to the Hill.  What process did they use to catalog the texts in order to know what was produced and what was not?  Did no one at the DOJ review the documents they were producing?  Were they not summarized to highlight the high points or potentially incriminating information?  When the recipients of the text messages received them, were they not thoroughly reviewed and summarized by them?  None of this makes any sense whatsoever, it is as baffling as the DOJ claiming it was a “glitch” and that it is all Samsung’s fault.  What is even more telling, is the time frame from which the text messages are missing.  Interestingly enough, the documents produced pick up right after special prosecutor, Mueller, was appointed. 

Such a sad commentary on the state of our union, a nation that is supposed to be based upon the rule of law yet at the highest level of the highest law enforcement agency in the land we seem to find such corruption.  And this corruption appears to be linked to the White House (under President Obama).  The evidence is piling up to lead to a conclusion that there were high level people at the FBI colluding with the DNC, Hillary campaign and Obama White House to seat the next President of the United States; and when that did not work, to undermine Trump and frame him for colluding with Russia (their insurance policy).  And somehow, with all of this evidence coming to light, the DOJ looks to still be focused upon pinning something on the Trump campaign and President Trump as opposed to following the evidence.  It is time for Mueller to be shut down, it is time for Jeff Sessions to do his job and put those involved in this attempted coup on the hot seat.  Funny how Mueller oversteps the boundaries of the authority given him in the special appointment to go after Trump appointees, but improprieties and crimes committed by the left and those in the FBI that support the left go unchecked. No wonder the democrats are trying so hard to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, corruption to this degree at this level of federal law enforcement is the stuff revolutions are made of. 


The liberal left is completely out of control, and I believe, at the core of this corruption, sits the Clintons.  There have been decades of scandal after scandal surrounding them that started way back in Arkansas before Bill Clinton ever became President.  With every scandal involving the Clintons there is a trail of bodies; suicides, accidents, all involving people who could potentially incriminate them.  Like Seth Richards, shot to death in what according to advertising and crime statistics is one of the safest neighborhoods in our nation’s capital.  The D.C. police ruled Richards’ death the result of a botched robbery.  His family questioned this to the point that they hired their own private investigator to look into the circumstances of his death.  This investigator, Rod Wheeler, initially gave an interview and stated that there existed evidence that was confirmed by an informant at the FBI linking Richards to Wikileaks, that Richards was in communication with Wikileaks just prior to his death.  Wheeler later backtracked and stated there was no such evidence, that it was a miscommunication and although Wikileaks had attempted to contact Richards, Richards never responded.  Wheeler also pulled back on his initial statements indicating that the police and FBI were not being cooperative and that the D.C. police had been ordered to “stand down” with regard to this investigation.  Richards’ family expressed their disappointment with Wheeler and indicated they were exploring legal avenues with regard to the matter.

How much longer will we turn a blind eye to what is and has been happening in our country?  How much longer will the Clintons and their loyal followers be allowed to run their shadow government and use the United States of America as if it were their own third world dictatorship?  Admittedly, these are pretty wild accusations, but seriously, how can anyone look at the events of the past two and a half to three decades and not reach such a conclusion? 

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