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Fish Tales or Journalism?


Okay, so now it is being reported that Mueller has convened a federal grand jury in regard to the Russia and Trump campaign collusion, but we should not read too much into that just yet.  Much of the mainstream media reporting would have us to believe it means that Mueller has dug up some damning evidence and is preparing to take the matter to trial.  With all of the leaking, not to mention how hard the democrats have worked to make Trump look bad, don’t you think if they had found something like that it would have been the headlines for days?

Mueller was appointed approximately two and a half months ago, the term being used as to when he convened this grand jury is “several” weeks. It is one of those arbitrary words with the only definition being more than a few but less than many.  “Several”, means different things to different people.  For example, I tend to see “a couple” as two; “a few” as five; and “several” as around 7 or more.  But not everyone agrees with my personal interpretation of those arbitrary words, some hear a few and think of three.  Why does this matter?  It might not, but the timing of Mueller’s convening of this grand jury in D.C. when one already existed in West Virginia could provide some insight into the matter that the media is simply ignoring.  The point being, Mueller may have impaneled the grand jury as early as a week after being appointed as special prosecutor, or he may have taken that step five or six weeks after his appointment.  Either way, that is awfully quick for it to imply any reasonable readiness for a trial.

My personal take on the situation is that he wanted subpoena power for both testimony and documentation.  They are still on a fishing expedition, and Mueller wanted more poles to fish with.  At this point, I do not believe any collusion took place, they may prove me wrong, but I do not think that is going to happen.  There have been several agencies investigating this matter for quite some time now and have turned up nothing. In fact, the original report regarding the hacking of the DNC is now under question as forensics of DNC equipment appear to indicate it was an inside job, that someone from within the DNC leaked the information and planted code that made it look like the system was hacked.

The lesson here is, consider the source and take everything with a grain of salt.  As I have stated before, and taken a lot of flack for, I am not a blind follower of Trump and will not hesitate to call him out if or when appropriate.  However, to date, much of what I have seen is the democrats and the mainstream media pulling out all of the stops to discredit him and make it as difficult as possible for him to do his job and stick to his agenda.  If you think about it, reports regarding the Russian collusion issue have somewhat died down since the media frenzy of Don, Jr.’s meeting with the Russian attorney; releasing the story about the grand jury that was impaneled “several” weeks ago serves the intent of the democrats and mainstream media to keep perpetuating the story that so far, has gone nowhere.

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