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Does “Lives Matter” Really Need a Qualifier?

BLM terrorists

Is there racism in America?  Of course there is, because America is made up of human beings and human beings are inherently flawed, there will always be some individuals in any group that espouse belief systems that the majority of us find deplorable.

Does that mean everyone in America is racist?  Absolutely not. But contrary to the beliefs of some, racism is not a term that is exclusive to black Americans.  Try being a white male in America these days, when you are constantly pushed to the back of the line because of programs designed to promote “equality.”  You may be the best candidate, but in many cases that will not matter because, in the name of diversity, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, women… will be given preferential treatment based upon their race or gender.  How is that not discrimination? But I have already digressed from the topic I wanted to discuss today, the Black Lives Matter movement.

What rumblings since the FBI referred to Black Lives Matter as dangerous, and used the term “domestic terrorists” in describing the movement.  What exactly did people expect when the group has been responsible for riots, when they call for death to police officers and people start targeting law enforcement?  Did you know that, since the Black Lives Matter chant “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon” began, there has been a spike in the number of law enforcement officers killed while on duty?  In fact, the number of law enforcement officers killed while on duty has been on the rise since the inception of Black Lives Matter in 2014.  Police officers around the country have been targeted and murdered, simply because they are wearing the uniform.  This so called, movement, similar to the protest during the National Anthem by NFL players, is not helping anyone or anything, they are both in fact doing just the opposite in serving to perpetuate and widen the divide in this nation.

One would have thought that when we elected our first African American President, twice, when more than two thirds of the electorate was Caucasian, claims that America was a racist nation, in the general sense, would have ended.  Instead, what we saw was a steep decline in race relations in this nation. Obama had a great opportunity to bring people together and to take on some of the issues plaguing the black community to affect some real and positive change.  He did just the opposite.  Rather than being a voice of fact and reason in the wake of incidents, he spoke before having the facts and his words served to inflame both sides of the issues rather than calm already volatile situations.  He did not serve as President to everyone, but chose to take sides validating the actions of the extremists.  The shooting of young Trayvon Martin seems to have been the catalyst for much of this, even though Martin was not shot by a police officer.  In fact, had Zimmerman, the shooter, acted as instructed by law enforcement and stayed in his vehicle, that young man’s life would not have ended that night.  There is always going to be a bad apple or two in every bunch, law enforcement agencies are unfortunately not immune to this, but condemning all law enforcement officers, and going to the extreme of inciting people to target and murder them is absolutely an act of terrorism.

The Black Lives Matter movement is very loosely organized, is more of a social media movement with no real hierarchy.  It is more or less made up of local chapters around the country that do not answer to a centralized organization.  Interestingly, when researching for this post, it seems their website no longer exists.  When trying to access the site,, the following appears:

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Description: Unable to locate the server requested — the server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name, or the server no longer exists. Double-check the name and try again.

They do, however, still maintain a Facebook page that includes the following:

#BlackLivesMatter is an online forum intended to build connections between                        Black people     and our allies to fight anti-Black racism, to spark dialogue                              amongst Black people, and to      facilitate the types of connections necessary to                    encourage social action and engagement.

We value dialogue and relationship building between and among Black people.                  We ask that others sharing information on this page be diligent about respecting                one another’s    viewpoints, ensuring that we are not “preaching at” our brothers                and sisters and those in     between. In short, we ask that you use this page as a                    resource for collaboration and information about issues impacting Black people                  throughout the diaspora–and to use other          venues to sell products, preach the              gospel, etc. Posts that do not reflect these values and             intended uses will be                deleted.

We ask that you use this page in ways that create, spark innovation, solidarity,                    and      foster the             practice of Black Love.

In browsing through the comments on their Facebook page, it is pretty obvious that they do not represent the thoughts or beliefs of the average black person, or anyone else for that matter, and those committing violent acts credited to the movement are small fringe groups.  While they claim to espouse solidarity and the practice of “Black Love”, many have questioned where their concern is for black police officers or the thousands of black lives lost to black on black crime.  That is a fair question, do all black lives matter, or are you just concerned with those lost during interactions with law enforcement?  To take that further, is it only the black lives lost in interactions with white police officers? 

The ability to hold lawful protests and take action on issues and injustices we see in society is foundational to America and trying to maintain the concept of “We the People” as intended by our forefathers. But, when your words and actions only serve to encourage violence, create an atmosphere of chaos and anarchy and you selectively ignore facts that do not support your position you lose the ability to claim that your agenda has anything to do with justice or making America a better place for anyone.  And yes, the unlawful use of violence and intimidation against law enforcement in the pursuit of your political agenda is the very definition of terrorism.

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