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Do Your Job


While our Representatives and Senators play party politics, and the republicans argue among each other we the people are the one’s suffering.  Democrats appear perfectly content to allow the abomination known as Obamacare to implode, and republicans cannot seem to come to a consensus on how to fix the mess Obamacare created. And somehow the media has managed to lay all of this at President Trump’s feet.  Yes, Trump campaigned on repeal and replace, as has pretty much every other republican that has run for office since Obamacare was passed.

Maybe we need a civics 101 lesson here.  Is it not the job of Congress to draft and make the laws?  Are they not called the Legislative Branch?  Why have we come to expect detailed tax plans and other such information from Presidential candidates when it does not fall within their authority to legislate such things? Obviously, before voting for a President the people want to know where he/she stands on the issues as well as what type of legislation he/she would be likely to sign and/or veto, but drafting of legislation is not the job of the executive branch.  In fact, our Constitution mandates that ALL bills for raising revenue originate in the House of Representatives.  This was part of the Great Compromise due to the make up of the two houses and their representative power as the Senate gives equal representation to small and large states whereas the House of Representatives is based upon population of the individual states.  It seems the lines of division between the three branches of our government have been blurred so over the years, none of them know their place.  But we have digressed, back to the issue…

The House of Representatives has voted no less than fifty times to repeal, amend or change the AHCA, six of those votes were for a complete repeal.  These votes began several years ago.  This brings me to the big question, why, after all of these years of trying to repeal Obamacare do the republicans not have a bill already prepared that is capable of passing the House and the Senate?  Since the passage of Obamacare some eight years ago, republicans have been making campaign promises and holding votes to rid us of this failing legislation, but apparently it never occurred to them to have a plan in place that could be passed quickly should they take the White House back.  Mind boggling, is it not?

Would it be so bad if they went ahead and passed a bill to repeal Obamacare with a twelve month period before every facet of it ended, then took the time to get the replacement right rather than simply passing anything they can manage to get the votes for?  As much as I would love to see Obamacare completely repealed and over right away, it is not practical to leave all of those who obtained health insurance through Obamacare with no coverage overnight.  Any legislation for replacement must include some provision for a grace period to allow people, and the insurance companies, time to regroup and be prepared for the changeover.

In my humble opinion, replacement should be pretty simple.  The government has no business being involved in healthcare.  People have paid for Medicare all of their lives so that must be funded and remain in place.  Medicaid qualification must be rolled back and should include a time limit for receipt of benefits.  Insurance companies must be allowed to sell policies across state lines and without mandates for what such policies must cover.  The free market will respond to the needs and wants of the public with regard to coverage and creating a more competitive market will help drive insurance costs back down.

Senator Rand Paul has offered what is probably the best proposition for replacement of Obamacare to date.  You can read about his proposals here:

Some may argue that while it may not be President Trump’s job to draft or provide the legislation for repealing and replacing Obamacare, it is part of his job to bring members of the House and Senate together and negotiate a resolution.  In most cases I would agree, but in this case, I am not sure that anyone could get enough politicians to agree on a bill to get it through the House and the Senate.

It is time to speak up and be heard.  Healthcare is a very personal and private matter that does not belong on the floor of the House or Senate for debate, it belongs at the dining room table with families and in the doctor’s office with our individual physicians. If you do not know who your representatives are the website below will help you find them along with their contact information.  Speak up, tell them to do their jobs and voice your opinions regarding this matter that is so invasive to the lives of every person in this nation.

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