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Do You Believe Our Republic Is Worth Saving?

when men were free

Reagan was right, and we have failed the generations that will come behind us as we sit back fighting among ourselves while career politicians become our modern-day King George. 

There have been differences of opinion among Americans since the birth of our nation, but never, at least in my lifetime, have I seen such a divide between not only the citizens of this country, but our elected officials as well.  We seem to have reached a point where those with opposing opinions are no longer capable of having a civil discussion of issues without spewing hate and resorting to personal insults.  We are so divided that even our elected representatives cannot manage to come together on issues upon which they have claimed to agree.  Look at health care, republicans campaigned on repealing Obamacare for several years, yet cannot manage to pass a bill to repeal it.  President Trump has threatened to discontinue the subsidies enjoyed by Congress under Obamacare, I hope he does, the foundation of our republic is the rule of law under which legislators are subject to the laws they pass in the same manner as the rest of the people.

There are so many important issues facing our nation, both domestically and globally, and none of them will ever see any resolution unless we all learn to communicate from a place of love for our country as opposed to hatred for one another.   A lack of education of who we are and where we came from, in my humble opinion, makes up a large part of the foundation of the kind of divisiveness we see in this nation today.  The younger generations, the ones who lean so far left and espouse socialistic ideologies, did not receive the same education as those of us who graduated high school prior to the 1990’s. They were not taught about our constitution in a civics class as we were, they were not required to take a course on Americanism versus Communism as we were.  Our education system is failing our youth and as a result our nation.  There are certainly some ugly issues in our history, just as there are in any other nation, but students today and for the past couple of decades have been taught a white-washed, revisionist history, much of which paints the United States as an evil empire rather than the beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity it was born to be.  How can we expect them to appreciate how fortunate they are to have been born in America when they have no understanding of how we came to be, what we were meant to stand for, or what life could be like under other forms of governance?

Have you ever watched those clips on Watters’ World where he takes to the streets and asks question of the average person? Do you just cringe when you see the blank looks on their faces when they have no idea what he is asking them, or the insane responses to questions that any middle school student should be able to pop out?  We have to stop sitting back and shaking our heads, then burying them in the sand.  Those of us who know what the founding fathers gave to us are the only hope this nation has.  We have to stop with the excuses and fight to keep our rights and restore the ones that have already been stolen from us.  No more “I’m only one person, what can I do?”, no more “I’m not voting because I’m tired of having to choose between the lesser of two evils.”  While it can be difficult to fight back against the liberal groups that seem to have all the time in the world to hold rallies and marches since most of us are busy working to support our families and pay our taxes, we must find a way to make our voices heard and our numbers seen.  We are not the minority, though it often appears that way, and one would certainly think so after watching the evening news.

Our tagline at is “Refuse to be Silenced”, but many of us have never even attempted to speak up.  Do you really love your country as you claim, do you really oppose the infringement of our rights that has been going on for decades, do you really believe in the constitution and want it to once again be the law of the land?  If so, you better start acting, because if we do not stand up and make ourselves heard, someday very soon it will be too late, and the great American experiment will have been a failure. Benjamin Franklin said they gave us a republic, if we could keep it, lets stand and fight for that republic and not let history declare the great American experiment as a failure.


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