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DNC Lawsuit Nothing More Than Elaborate Publicity Stunt


They simply cannot accept the facts, that Hillary Clinton was a sub-par candidate, that they had no message to motivate voters, that their own actions against Bernie angered democratic voters, and they ran a flawed campaign.  All of their attempts to place blame elsewhere have failed so far.  Even this concocted witch hunt regarding collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is getting them nowhere, so now they are stealing a page from history in hopes of igniting a fire under their base, those Trump haters that would do or say anything to see him go down.  However, the DNC will face many obstacles in this frivolous lawsuit, the first of which will be obtaining the cooperation of Russia and Wikileaks.  

Even if a judge deems that an exception applies in Sovereign Immunity and the case against Wikileaks and Russia moves forward, there are still no guarantees that the Defendants will cooperate.   So they file in New York pretty much guaranteeing a liberal jury if the matter ever sees the inside of a courtroom.  Let’s say they manage to get a liberal judge to rule that they can sue Russia and Wikileaks and the matter does move forward, with of course their liberal New York jury. On the very slim chance that they managed to get to a verdict at all, should there be judgment against Russia or Wikileaks, the idea that it would ever be enforced is nothing more than a fairy tale.  So why, when Mueller’s investigation has yet to produce any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, would they waste time and money on something so ridiculous? Could it be because their ship is sinking, because they are losing voters and they are deep in debt?

In a civil case their burden of proof will not be as heavy as in a criminal case, only a preponderance of the evidence is needed.  But does it not seem like, with all of the leaks and all of the HRC supporters on Mueller’s team, that we would know if they found anything damaging to the President?  Mueller has gone well beyond the whole trump collusion issue charging people with crimes that are not only not related, but happened before Trump began running for office.  In fact, he is the one behind prosecutors in New York getting the warrants and raiding Cohen’s office and taking documents that should be off-limits based upon attorney-client privilege.  What is so incredulous to me, is the number of people, sworn to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law, that have ignored the Constitution and broken the law in their attempts to take Trump down, or at the very least create so much commotion as to undermine his Presidency.  Come on Sessions, do your job!


This whole thing wreaks!  Democrats allege that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia because he made a snide remark during a speech about Russia having the missing HRC emails and if they did they should turn them over.  And let us not forget what the Democrats and the liberal media do not want us to remember, that the evidence indicates the DNC was NOT hacked by Russia, or anyone else on the outside for that matter, as concluded by the third-party they had inspect their server as opposed to turning it over to the FBI.  But rather the evidence points to it being an inside job, by someone with access.  Someone like Seth Richards who we have learned was in contact with Wikileaks just before he was shot in the back, supposedly in a robbery gone bad in the safest neighborhood in the District.  Yep, that’s a pretty believable story, because robbers so often shoot their victims in the back, yep, real believable…

Personal opinion, this is their plan for the mid-term elections, yet another hoax they intend to play on the American people.  1. It will serve as a distraction from the real issues we are facing; 2. It will make it more difficult for Trump to move his agenda along; 3. It will encourage the nutball Trump haters to send in donations under the guise that they are helping the DNC with this frivolous lawsuit; and 4. It may encourage some of their apethic voters to show up.  I guess if you have no record other than obstruction to run on, you even tried to block tax cuts for the people, you walked away from the “Dreamers” you claim to be so supportive of even though President Trump was offering a good deal for them, then you are left with nothing to base your campaigns on other than attacking your opponents.  What is truly mind-blowing about this lawsuit, is that they are basically stating that they lost the Presidential election because someone, who they claim was Russia and the Trump campaign, told on them; released their secret indiscretions for the public to see.  They literally are suing because they got caught in their own wrongdoing.  We can only hope that this utter nonsense and misuse of our legal system will light a fire under Republicans and get them to the polls in droves.


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