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Dangers of the Liberal’s Bubble


We often get people referred to as trolls, as well as liberals who simply comment to get their point of view out there, on our Facebook page.  No comments are deleted, and no person is blocked from sharing their opinion unless the content is vulgar or profanity laden.  But I must say, the latest liberal infestation on one of our posts has me completely baffled.  I am truly having a difficult time grasping how any person could come to the conclusion that the mainstream media is centrist or right of center.

Clearly, the country as a whole has made a gradual move left, with a small population remaining true to the conservative values of small government and low taxes.  But has the country truly moved so far left that the mainstream media would qualify as centrist, or worse yet, right of center?  Granted, the majority of my friends and family are conservative, to be more accurate they tend to be fiscally conservative and more libertarian on social issues, but I by no means live in a bubble of conservatism.  I regularly read, listen to and watch “news” (and I do use that term loosely) from hundreds of different venues ranging from the far left to the far right.  People still practically worship Ronald Reagan, and republican candidates and elected officials go out of their way to compare themselves or liken themselves to him at every opportunity.  


In order to determine if I was simply one of those left behind conservatives, or if there are just some folks out there that are so liberal, and so ignorant to what is truly taking place in our country, I did a little digging.  The following articles seem to support my sanity and the fact that the mainstream media is not only biased towards liberals on the left, but also that the majority of Americans know this to be true.

Study after study has shown that the mainstream media leans left, and that, as economists Tim Groseclose and Jeff Milyo have written, “an almost overwhelming fraction of journalists are liberal.”  ( 


There are numerous articles and studies out there to support the conclusion that the mainstream media is most certainly biased and most certainly liberal.  However, I will not waste time listing them all, they are simple enough to find on Google.  It is estimated that some 90% of journalists are registered democrats, but we are to believe that they report with a centrist or right of center bias?  smh…


What this little exercise has taught me, is that most liberals are the ones living in the bubble.  They listen to their left-leaning so-called news outlets and soak all of it in as if it were gospel, with not the slightest notion that there is something else out there, something else that is likely much closer to the truth.  Debate is a good thing, it forces intellectually honest people to at least consider other points of view before digging their heals in on a single conclusion. What is scary, is that so many will dig their heals in and not even consider that there may be something to opposing opinions – and these people are voting.  While it would most definitely be discriminatory to return to the days when only white land-owners had the right to vote;  the concept of a short test to ensure that those casting votes to determine the leaders of this nation, posses some potential for critical thinking and some degree of basic common sense is beginning to sound more and more reasonable every day.

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