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Coverage ≠ Care

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This article will provide no statistics, no numbers from the government, just an observation based upon real people in the real world.  How many of you have, or know someone who has, health insurance with such high monthly premiums and insane deductibles that their healthcare coverage only serves to hinder their ability to maintain regular healthcare? With individual premiums, upwards of $600 every month, and a deductible of $6,000 or more before the insurer pays out the first penny the average person simply cannot afford the cost of a doctor’s visit and will not go for regular checkups unless and until something comes up giving them no choice.  I know many people paying these exorbitant premiums with deductibles so high they are worthless unless something catastrophic happens.  One can literally pay out somewhere around $78,000 or more before any insurance coverage kicks in.

This is insanity.  President Trump is now pushing the idea of repealing Obamacare and replacing it later if the Republicans in Congress cannot reach an agreement on a replacement.  I say go for it!  Those opposing this option have cited that this will result in the loss of healthcare coverage for many Americans.  I would argue that many of those Americans are paying for coverage they cannot use anyway, so what is the difference?  At least this way they could use what they have been putting out in insurance premiums to pay for doctor visits that they have been avoiding.

Obamacare turned health insurance and healthcare in this country upside down and created a problem that just cannot be solved with one swipe of anybody’s pen.  The vicious cycle of rising premiums and rising healthcare costs can be stopped, however, that does not mean the system can be stabilized overnight.  As Americans, we do not tend to be the most patient people, but I believe if Congress at least manages to get AHCA repealed we will be off the starting line and on our way to a system based upon the free market that allows the people to make their own decisions regarding health care.

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