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Convenience, Trojan Horse, or Both?


Today I am going to stray a bit from the political intent of this page and discuss the potential implications of the spread of the implantation of microchips into human beings. This issue has been floating around for many years globally, and right here in the United States.  Although the United States has actually lagged behind other countries in the implantation and use of RFID microchips due to issues of privacy, and of course opposition from the Christian community, many of whom equate it with the mark of the beast spoken of in Revelations; it has now become a reality in the U.S.

RFID microchip technology has been around and being developed for nearly eighty years.  It was first used in the States in the 1980’s on cattle.  As most of us are aware, pets have been being implanted with these chips for many years as a means of locating them if they become lost. Amal Graafstra, the founder and CEO of the Seattle-based company, Dangerous Things, an online biohacking store,was the first American to be implanted with a microchip in 2005, and now offers kits for people to self-implant the microchips. Graafstra, who claims the microchip has given him the ability to communicate with machines, has recently introduced the first prototype for an implant-activated smart gun.

In 2010, the Australian government reportedly had an RFID microchipping plan in the works for use in the medical/healthcare system, however, through a shrewd propaganda campaign, the microchip was marketed as a means to become “super human.”  The uses have gone far beyond the intended use of compiling medical data.  In Sweden, the microchip has been marketed as a convenience where people can open doors, login to computers, and even replace cash and ID cards with the chip.  Sounds great right?  Less to carry in your purse or wallet, can’t be misplaced.  But what about hacking? Not to mention that the chip is capable of locating anyone with the implant via GPS. Remember when we were all so thrilled that we could say goodbye to all of the mail we received and simply pay bills and handle almost anything under the sun online?  I would be willing to bet that there are very few of you that have not experienced being hacked, having credit card or bank information stolen, or even your identity stolen.  Yes, there are always bugs to work out when new technology comes along as criminals devise new ways of invading our privacy, perpetrating new scams, and stealing from us, but do we really know the implications of having a RFID microchip implanted in our body being hacked?  Definitely something consider before getting in line.

There have been many uses considered by the U.S. government regarding microchipping, including health/medical and even implanting them into soldiers as a means of tracking them.  However, to date, there has been no public admission of any such programs.  Yet, research has shown that there have been incidents of involuntary implants, at least one of these cases led to a lawsuit being filed by James Walbert, resident of Wichita, Kansas.  There do exist articles and accusations that the Obama administration has used involuntary implants as a means to track and target people, however, I have been unable to substantiate these claims.  While I have been unable to find any federal laws banning such implantation, voluntary or otherwise, many state legislatures are debating bills to ban non-voluntary implantation.

The debate surrounding this issue has gone beyond one of a technology providing new conveniences, there are many proponents advocating for the use of RFID microchip implants as a means of security and safety.  For instance, in a kidnapping situation, you could be located via GPS.  This begs the question, would potential kidnappers then begin mutilating their victims in order to remove the chip in the same way they toss a victim’s cell phone today in order to avoid tracking?  In some ways this reminds me of the many debates over the Patriot Act, what liberties are we willing to give up to prevent potential harm?  What happened to “Give me liberty or give me death?”

It seems we may be putting the cart before the horse with this technology, not to mention the very real potential of it being a trojan horse that can, and quite possibly may, be used in the future as a simpler and more widespread manner of tracking and yes, even controlling the masses.  It is now in use in more than thirty countries, and the fact that it is becoming popular in the United States, honestly, seriously concerns me.  We are supposed to be a nation of freedom and liberty, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Ninth Amendment in a broad manner to include the right to privacy.  What level of privacy can one expect with a microchip that holds everything there is to know about you implanted right into your body?

The lack of discussion regarding the possibility of this being the beginning of the issuing of the mark of the beast as discussed in Revelations has been intentional.  Unfortunately, my crystal ball is on the fritz today so I am unable to offer an educated opinion on that matter.  However, I will say this, it does seem awfully coincidental that it is replacing cash card/debit cards/credit cards, which could be used to control whether one has the ability to buy or sell without having such an implant.  It also allows for the tracking and monitoring of every individual with an implant.  Whether you are a believer or not, this should at least give you pause in that this was prophesied centuries ago.

I for one, have serious concerns about giving even more access into my private life to any entity than has already been handed over.  Hopefully Americans will give serious considerations to all of the implications of this technology, beyond how “cool” the conveniences may sound.

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