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Congress Takes Baby Step in Right Direction


Having just reviewed the specifics of the final tax bill passed by the Senate, and expected to be passed by the House some time today; I do not know that I would refer to it as “sweeping” tax reform, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

The biggest question here, is why in the world Democrats are opposed to this bill.  While the relief that the vast majority of Americans will see in their tax bill is not nearly as much as it should be, at least we will see some relief for the first time in a very long time.  Under the Obama administration, while he gave speech after speech proclaiming that no one saw an increase in their federal income tax, I watched my after tax income shrink every single year he was in office.  What is truly mind-boggling about the Democrats’ opposition, is that the population of lower-income Americans that they espouse to be fighting for and looking out for, will benefit more than the average person under this new tax plan.  Is it simply that they do not want to see any decrease in tax liability for businesses?

Yes, the biggest changes are found in corporate and small business tax rates.  This seems to be a sticking point for liberals, however, when considering this issue one must also consider that you cannot tax a company into prosperity, you cannot tax any entity at such a rate and expect to see growth that is required for the creation of new jobs, let alone to keep the largest of companies in the U.S.  How many of you work for large corporations that have not been giving annual raises, claiming there is simply no money for them? How many of you have had your contribution to health care costs through your employer rise every year since the inception of Obamacare, thereby reducing your usable income?   I am not naive enough to believe that all corporations will pass all of their tax savings down to their employees in the form of raises, but many will pass some of that along, after all it is how you hang on to good employees.  

Are Democrats not aware that approximately 80% of working Americans are employed by small businesses?  This is an area where you will see much of the tax savings of the business used both to grow the business and add new jobs as well as to pass it along to current employees in the form of raises and/or bonuses which, in many cases have been suspended in recent years.  In these small businesses employees are not just numbers on someone’s spread sheet, but often the people who the business owner works with day in and day out where there exists a more personal connection.  This personal connection generally causes business owners to care more about their employees and desire to reward them for hard work and loyalty when they are financially able.


I believe in the Constitution; a small federal government that exists only for purposes of national security and defense, infrastructure and those things that the people cannot practically do for themselves. While it is doubtful we will ever see our federal government shrink to what it should be, if our representatives were true to the Constitution and the campaign promises they made, we could reduce taxation in this nation to a point where no person paid more than a 5% tax rate.  While this tax bill does not reduce tax rates anywhere near as much as most of us would like, it is at the very least a step in the right direction.  This baby step should now be followed by serious budget cuts and a reduction in the size of government. 

It is my hope, that as Americans across this nation see that they are better off in the coming year, a bell will go off causing them to realize that the conservative approach of smaller government and lower taxes is best for everyone.  It is my hope that this will cause Americans to act on such a revelation when they go to the ballot box.  If this happens, it will send a message to our elected representatives and with any luck inspire them follow this path of incrementally reducing taxes and the size of government that would cause us to see incredible economic growth in this nation.   This single legislative victory has the potential to do so much for our nation, not only economically, but maybe even to help shrink the great divide that exists as a result of partisan politics.  This represents the beginning of the turning of the ship in America, let’s pray we continue on this path.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!


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