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Common Sense Has Definitely Left the Building

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Are you getting a little confused about the specifics of the new tax plan being proposed by the GOP?  No big deal, they are reportedly still going through it, line by line, and making changes; so who really knows of the details we have heard what will be left in and what will be taken out.

I have spent hours upon hours listening and researching, trying to figure out how this plan would affect my family, all to no avail as there simply are not enough details that have been made public, only rhetoric from both sides.  The House Ways and Means Committee has spent days apparently, and is still in the process of marking up, making changes, deleting items and adding items to the bill before it comes up for a vote so all of that research was a colossal waste of my time.  What I will say though, the tax rates of 12.9%, 25%, 35%, and of course the current top tax rate of 39.6% remains; these brackets are STILL too high! Maybe an across the board 12.9% flat rate, but how can anyone honestly believe it is okay for the government to TAKE anywhere from one-quarter to almost 40% of anyone’s earnings?  Then, they are going to add social security, Medicare and Medicaid on top of that.  Absolutely insane!  If Congress was truly interested in helping the American people, in making this a prosperous nation for all who are willing to work for it, they would spend more time cutting crap out of the budget and stop wasting OUR money.


The DOD has spent hundreds of thousands monitoring the behavior of certain birds; tens of thousands were spent for a report of the habits of Russian smokers; nearly half a million dollars was given to MIT to study whether polarization was based upon media choice or if media choice was based upon polarization; and I’m sure most of you are familiar with the $3.1 Billion that went to workers among five different federal agencies who were suspended while under investigation; a documentary about a fiddler; research as to why politics stresses us out; the list goes on and on.  Here is another whopper, some GOP members of the House are pushing to include a repeal of the Obamacare mandate in the new tax bill (removed by a previous amendment), at President Trump’s urging; however, democrats are opposed to the measure and threatening to kill the entire bill if included.  Even though the non-partisan CBO has projected that repealing the mandate would REDUCE the federal deficit by hundreds of billions (yes, billions with a “b”) of dollars.  Not to mention the relief it would give to almost every middle class American.  But God forbid we do something that would actually help the people, and the country as a whole.  Some House members have complained that does not belong in the tax bill and should be handled under separate legislation.  Why?  Did not Justice Roberts change the language calling it a tax as opposed to a penalty, and placing it under the authority of the IRS to justify his vote and allow this legislation to become law?


The federal government was intended to exist for very limited purposes; national defense, infrastructure, and those few things that the people cannot or cannot practically do for themselves.  Common sense should tell us, and our elected representatives, that the answer to our deficit, national debt, and burdensome tax code is not to continue robbing working Americans of the fruits of their labor, but rather to eliminate these bizarre spending programs and begin seriously reducing the size and reach of the federal government.  If they would take their jobs seriously, and put the well-being of this nation and its people above their quest for power and start rolling back all of this government overreach there is no reason why our tax brackets could not be in the 3%-5% range.  

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