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Is your head going to explode if you hear someone say “Russian collusion” one more time?  Are you getting a headache from shaking your head so much as inanimate objects are blamed for the actions of criminals and the mentally ill?  Do your ears ache from hearing all the talk with no action behind it regarding all of the evidence that has poured in against the HRC campaign, DNC, members of the FBI and DOJ and Obama administration?  Shouldn’t Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, have been arrested and charged by now?  How is your blood pressure after watching just five minutes of news these days?  President Trump appears to be a man of action.  Yes, he talks a lot, he tweets a lot, but he also acts.  Can you imagine the just plain anger he must be experiencing as he pushes so hard to keep his campaign promises while the rest of the government seemingly sits on their hands?  I am beyond frustrated with AG Sessions right now, and quite frankly a little surprised that Trump hasn’t given him the boot.  Could it be too much to hope that it is simply because there are things happening that Trump knows about and we don’t?  Probably not, but wouldn’t that be nice? Continue reading “THIS IS WHY YOUR HEAD HURTS”

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5 Things You Should Know About the Liberal Agenda


Most of us who are not trying to use tragedies to further a political agenda grasp the concept that more laws are not the answer to preventing any type of crime, much less the senseless mass shootings that have been taking place in our country.  Why someone cannot follow a logical train of thought that leads to the conclusion that those who are breaking the laws we already have are not suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens simply because we introduce more laws to be followed is difficult to understand.  Writing about this yet again feels a bit redundant, but somehow, we keep finding ourselves back in the middle of this debate.  It is a bit curious as to why we continue to have this debate in this country when the statistics clearly show that in only about 3% of crimes committed with firearms were the firearms obtained legally.  That means about 97% of gun crimes were committed with guns obtained illegally.  So, tell me again what stricter gun laws are going to do to reduce the number of shootings, please.  And after this last tragedy, we are forced to look at the “see something, say something” issue.  Many times after one of these senseless shootings it has been reported that neighbors or others close to the perpetrators saw or noticed something that would serve to indicate they were up to something, and that had someone simply said something to the authorities it could have been avoided.  Well…, in the case of the Parkland shooting the shooter posted a warning on YouTube, somebody did say something, it was reported to the authorities.  Yet one of the most vocal agencies in the country for the “see something, say something” mantra, did nothing to find and attempt to stop this threat. Continue reading “5 Things You Should Know About the Liberal Agenda”