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All Eyes On The Southern Border


The number of migrants from Central America that make up the caravan we have been watching for months now has dwindled to somewhere between 300 and 600 people, depending upon which report you read.  Some arrived in at the U.S.-Mexican border in Tijuana on board tour buses that were guarded by a Mexican police escort and many have been staying in “migrant shelters.”  It has also been reported that a group of lawyers, approximately 20 strong, has volunteered to “advise” individuals in the caravan regarding requesting asylum in the United States.   Continue reading “All Eyes On The Southern Border”

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Is your head going to explode if you hear someone say “Russian collusion” one more time?  Are you getting a headache from shaking your head so much as inanimate objects are blamed for the actions of criminals and the mentally ill?  Do your ears ache from hearing all the talk with no action behind it regarding all of the evidence that has poured in against the HRC campaign, DNC, members of the FBI and DOJ and Obama administration?  Shouldn’t Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, have been arrested and charged by now?  How is your blood pressure after watching just five minutes of news these days?  President Trump appears to be a man of action.  Yes, he talks a lot, he tweets a lot, but he also acts.  Can you imagine the just plain anger he must be experiencing as he pushes so hard to keep his campaign promises while the rest of the government seemingly sits on their hands?  I am beyond frustrated with AG Sessions right now, and quite frankly a little surprised that Trump hasn’t given him the boot.  Could it be too much to hope that it is simply because there are things happening that Trump knows about and we don’t?  Probably not, but wouldn’t that be nice? Continue reading “THIS IS WHY YOUR HEAD HURTS”