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Is your head going to explode if you hear someone say “Russian collusion” one more time?  Are you getting a headache from shaking your head so much as inanimate objects are blamed for the actions of criminals and the mentally ill?  Do your ears ache from hearing all the talk with no action behind it regarding all of the evidence that has poured in against the HRC campaign, DNC, members of the FBI and DOJ and Obama administration?  Shouldn’t Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, have been arrested and charged by now?  How is your blood pressure after watching just five minutes of news these days?  President Trump appears to be a man of action.  Yes, he talks a lot, he tweets a lot, but he also acts.  Can you imagine the just plain anger he must be experiencing as he pushes so hard to keep his campaign promises while the rest of the government seemingly sits on their hands?  I am beyond frustrated with AG Sessions right now, and quite frankly a little surprised that Trump hasn’t given him the boot.  Could it be too much to hope that it is simply because there are things happening that Trump knows about and we don’t?  Probably not, but wouldn’t that be nice? Continue reading “THIS IS WHY YOUR HEAD HURTS”

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Secret Courts, Secret Laws and Shadow Governments


Okay, so the “memo” has finally been released. Personally, after all of the hype of how heads would roll and people would go to prison, I found it to be quite a disappointment.  The memo really did not tell us much of anything we did not already know.  It seemed pretty clear that the FBI used the infamous dossier written by Steele to obtain the FISA warrant, that appears to be confirmed in Nunes’ memo.  And the statement by McCabe that there would not have been a warrant application without the dossier looks to be some of the most damning information contained in the memo.  What does not make sense, is why the Democrats were so opposed to the release of the memo.  There was not much contained in the memo that was not already being reported, with the exception of course of mainstream media outlets.  At this point, however, it seems rather unreasonable to make any attempt to deny that the DOJ colluded with the Clinton campaign in creating this whole Russian collusion hysteria in an effort to derail Trump’s campaign and when that did not work, his presidency.  Anybody that continues to deny that at the top levels of the DOJ there exists impropriety based upon political bias is either lying or has their head in the sand.  Look at how the HRC investigations have been conducted and then look at this joke of an investigation against Trump and his campaign.  It is being run like a banana republic, and most certainly violates the principles of our Constitution. 


Beyond that, our legislators need to take a long hard look at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that created the FISA Court.  Talk about a shadow government!  This Court is composed of eleven federal district court judges that are appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States.  They sit for no more than seven years and have staggered terms for continuity purposes.  This Court operates ex parte, due to the classified nature of the issues it deals with and there is only one party present during hearings, the government (generally the NSA or FBI).  This Court makes decisions based upon information provided to them by ONE SIDE of the issue, although the Court may allow third parties to submit briefs.  This Court makes its decisions in secret, its opinions are classified.  It is understandable why the secrecy of individual cases would be necessary, but such secrecy has been extended beyond individual cases to encompass the most basic legal procedures. FISA warrant applications are made before an individual member of the Court, one Judge is “on call” at all times so applications may be heard on any day or at any hour.  Requests for FISA warrants are rarely turned down, only about .03 percent.  Former National Security Agency analyst, Russ Tice, called the Court a kangaroo court with a rubber stamp.  Senator Ron Wyden referred to it as the most one-sided legal process in the United States. 


This Court acts in secrecy, even to the point of enacting legislation.  Yes, secret laws, remember Snowden and that whole PRISM surveillance program?  How exactly does that fit into what is supposed to be a democratic republic?  Even when you accept that there does exist a need for certain information to be classified for national security purposes and for the safety of our troops and law enforcement agents, this is supposed to be the United States of America, a government of the people, for the people and by the people.  Seems to me that the upper echelon in the DOJ and most certainly the FISA Court missed that particular memo.  What a slippery slope we find ourselves on… and not just on, but sliding down.  Approval of a FISA application requires that the target of surveillance be a foreign power or agent of a foreign power and that the places at which surveillance is requested is used or will be used by that foreign power or agent.  Democrats are now pushing the fact that Carter Page was previously the subject of a FISA warrant application, dating back years before Trump began running for President as a basis for the approved warrant in question.  Well, if the FBI had sufficient reliable intelligence that Page was acting as an agent for a foreign government, why was the dossier that had never been verified and was produced by a discredited prior informant who was quite clear that he did not want Trump to be President included in their application?  Outside of the discredited dossier, what evidence sufficient to offer probable cause could they have possibly had that Page would be using Trump Tower in furtherance of actions as an agent for a foreign power?  If they had information sufficient for probable cause that Carter Page was acting as a foreign agent, and doing it from Trump Tower, why has such evidence not been shared with Congress or the public?  Because no such evidence exists.  Do you really believe that if those that have compromised themselves so in efforts to take Trump down had that kind of information it would not have been leaked to the liberal media by now?


My friends, we have got some serious problems in this country.  There is more credible evidence of the Clintons working as agents of Russia (remember UraniumOne?)  than was provided to the FISA Court to obtain the warrant with regard to Carter Page (otherwise they would not have felt the need to use an unverified and controversial dossier by a Trump hater).  The rule of law in the United States has been reduced to a system no better than those in tyrannical, third-world dictatorships.  Think this is an overstatement or dramatized over-simplification?  I wish it was.  Application of our laws by the highest law enforcement agency in the land has been shown to be based upon politics.  The Clinton scandals date back decades all the way to Arkansas and include numerous murders, leaking of classified information, use of political offices for financial gain, money laundering, and the list just goes on and on.  What has the DOJ done, not a thing.  During the investigation into Hillary regarding the email scandal the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport; the exoneration of Hillary was written before the investigation was even complete.  There was no denial that Hillary had and used a private server through which classified and top-secret information was transferred, Chelsea Manning did not deny leaking classified information, and yet Kristian Saucier was sent to prison for taking pictures with his cell phone while serving on a submarine while Hillary has yet to be charged with anything, and Manning was pardoned by Obama.  The Democrats and their bought and paid for Obama leftovers at the FBI continue to try to pin something, anything, on President Trump.  There is an infection in Washington and it is spreading.  Mid-terms are coming and we the people need to clean house.  Find out who the candidates in your states and districts are; ask them where they stand on issues such as the Patriot Act, the FISA Court, the Hillary felonies, the Mueller investigation, immigration, taxes, etc; show up; VOTE.