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Can You Really Blame Him?


Trump supporter or not, given the tone and unprecedented bias among the media, not just here in the States, but from global media outlets, is it any wonder he has opted to maintain his social media presence? 

Most of my mornings begin by reading so-called news reports from various outlets world-wide.  Regardless of your political affiliations or leanings, if you cannot admit to the radical bias of the majority of media outlets that somehow still manage to refer to their reporting as “news”, then you are simply blind or lying to yourself.  Many people have attempted to curtail the tweets of President Trump, understandably so considering the tone and nature of many of those tweets, however, given the slant of most of the reporting on Trump’s efforts, actions, and words it is easy to see why he feels the need to reach out personally through Twitter.

Having railed against trade deficits since before he even became a candidate, Trump has spent a great deal of time speaking with certain other countries and attempting to even out the playing field for American companies.  Not an easy task considering they have gotten away with such unfair and unbalanced trade policies under numerous administrations.  Yet he seems to get very little credit for his efforts or for any movement in this regard, the reporting instead takes the approach of, well, this is what he says but, we don’t expect any of it to happen and if it does it will take years.  Many administrations have expressed “concern” over the huge trade deficits this nation faces, yet none prioritized the issue as Trump has and simply allowed it to continue.  This makes for quite an uphill battle in negotiating better trade deals, one may imagine other countries approaching the matter from a position of strength as they have gotten away with taking advantage of us through many presidents and are likely assuming they can stall until Trump is no longer in office, expecting less pressure from future administrations.  It seems if there was any honesty in the media, they would at least give the man credit for taking a stand and trying to improve a situation that has been devastating our economy for decades.

This would be a novel if we attempted to touch on even a fraction of the issues where the media has been less than honest or fair with their “reporting” on President Trump.  If you do any reading at all, or even if you just listen to TV reports, the media does not even try to disguise their hatred for Trump.  They attack and twist every statement he makes, and make issue of what he does not say.  Whether you agree with Trump, whether you like him or not, whether you voted for him or not, any attempt to deny the twisted and biased reporting on him and his administration is simply intellectually dishonest.  In light of the situation, can you really blame him for using Twitter as a means of communicating with the people?  

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