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Because 1+1=3, Right?

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Last month I discussed the allegations of collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign.  We went through the ICA report dated January 6, 2017, which offered no real evidence and certainly no proof of these allegations.  Now there are numerous reports that seem to indicate that the DNC was not in fact hacked, but rather the emails were leaked from within by a whistleblower, possibly one who was unhappy with the treatment of Bernie Sanders.  Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, stated in an interview that when President Obama wanted an investigation into the possible hacking, he was doing so at the behest of the director of the CIA, John Brennan, and McGovern indicated that he believed the leaked emails likely came from a disgruntled DNC staffer.  What has been bothering me, is how did we get from leaked emails at the DNC to Trump colluded with Russia to influence the Presidential election.

First of all, according to reports, it was known at least two years ago by intelligence agencies that the systems at the DNC had been compromised (hacked, leaked, who knows at this point). News reports indicated that the Russians were responsible for penetrating the DNC’s system in 2015 and in 2016.  Of course, now reports are indicating that maybe Russia was not even involved and someone inside the DNC leaked the emails.  In fact, there are those who believe that Seth Rich, a computer expert that worked for the DNC, may have been the source of the leaked emails and that his subsequent murder, yes, the mysterious one where he was shot in the back and it was ruled a botched robbery even though nothing was stolen from him, was retaliation for the leaks.  Rich’s family hired former D.C. homicide detective, Rich Wheeler, to assist in the investigation of their son’s death. Wheeler has said that evidence on Rich’s laptop suggested he was in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder.

Meanwhile, investigations into hacking and/or attempts by Russia to interfere with our elections continued and Trump made claims that the Obama administration was conducting surveillance on him.  Naturally those claims were denied by the White House.  We do know however, that some form of surveillance included at least some members of Trump’s transition team as information regarding Michael Flynn was leaked to the mainstream media after an unmasking by someone in the intelligence community.  Details regarding this and other unmaskings are few and far between, at least until Susan Rice and her cohorts give their testimony to the intelligence committees.

Numerous scenarios regarding collusion by the Trump campaign have been offered by the democrats and the mainstream media, although to date, no evidence has been released to indicate that anything illegal took place.  But the democrats and the mainstream media are nothing if not persistent, the moment the latest attempt to say “see, see, this guy worked for Trump and he knew someone that used to know someone that has a Russian sounding last name…”  begins to die down, they miraculously come up with a new one.  The latest being Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney.  (Who by the way was only in the U.S. legally because of special consideration given to her by a democrat led Department of Justice.)

As indicated in the prior article, there are currently five investigations underway regarding the Russian interference in the 2016 election as well as any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.  We are supposed to have the best intelligence gathering capabilities in the world, yet not one agency has been able to provide any evidence that offers any proof of these allegations.

sick of Russia

Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t.  At this point, I am so sick of it I don’t even care, which is saying a lot as I am a big believer in the rule of law and that our system of government can only work if the law is applied to all persons equally, no matter who they may be or what position they may hold.  Every time I hear Russia now, all I hear is that the democrats cannot accept that they lost the election, and they lost it to Donald Trump.

On a separate but related note, there has been a great deal of hysteria by the media and democrats over President Trump’s social media use and his way of communicating his thoughts.  Given the state of our so-called free press, I think it is great that he can speak directly to the people without the filter of a biased press.  However, I cannot deny that there are many occasions that he would have been better off to put his hands in his pockets.  Why give them ammunition? President Trump’s recent comments regarding AG Jeff Sessions are a perfect example of what I am referring to.  Yes, I want a President that is straight-forward and honest, but there are times when a filter and a little bit of self-control could serve him, as well as those depending upon him to lead this nation, well.

I would really love it if we could move on and focus our thoughts and energies on the agenda put forth by the Trump campaign, getting rid of bad legislation and regulations, implementing tax reforms, and building that big beautiful wall instead of tearing each other apart day after day.

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