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We have come a long way as a nation and a people.  We have accomplished a lot as a society and made great strides in many areas, however, as a society we have also drifted so far from where we began it is almost difficult to imagine that many of us are descendants of the brave men and women who crossed the ocean to this new world centuries ago for freedom, liberty and a better life.  While this country is still ripe with heroes that fight for our freedom every day, activists that are willing to stand up and speak out for what they believe, and entrepreneurs working hard and taking risks in search of the American dream, there are too many of us that have become complacent followers.  It is no secret that the mainstream media in this country is no longer a “free” press that exists to inform us with actual facts as opposed to twisted narratives that serve their political ideals and the agendas of the media conglomerates for which they work.  The term “fake news” is thrown around a lot these days making it difficult for the average consumer to know whether what they are being fed is fact, fiction, or an embellished twist of facts and unfounded innuendo.  We the people are at the mercy of a media with its own agenda that is determining what it wants us to hear, when, and how often.  When I first became involved in politics I was introduced to the concept of putting something in front of people, such as a candidate’s name or an idea, three times to ensure they remember it. This concept is also used in public speaking from political speeches to sermons, you tell people what you are going to tell them (introduction), tell them (narrative), then tell them what you told them (summary).  The idea is that if people hear something enough they will eventually believe it, and even defend it, without any facts or information outside of what they have heard from what in many cases is a single source.  The media employs this concept daily in determining how and what they will report on.

Frustration, and often anger, over the mind-blowing inaccuracy of today’s so-called reporting of the news is the basis for  Our goal is to sift through the bias, agendas and false innuendoes put forth by our media and discuss known facts and their implications.  Information has become a commodity traded for power and favor among the insiders.  To be empowered the people must be informed.  Today, our society as a whole is being controlled and led by the information, or lack thereof, that a select few choose to feed us.  This great country was created to be governed by the people not a select few with the power (information) to manipulate the masses.  Let’s become informed, let’s become empowered, let’s take our country back!

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