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A Little Deeper History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

If you google the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what you will likely find are articles and timelines that begin in the 1800’s with the Ottoman Empire.  However, this conflict between Jews (formerly referred to as Hebrews) and Muslims began well before then. 

This story, the actual history of this conflict, goes all the way back to the days of Abraham and is not disputed by Muslims, Jews or Christians.  Many of you already know the story, but since we finally have a President with enough backbone to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and to move our embassy there, I believe it needs to be shared.  Many people are making claims against the opinions of Christians on the matter citing beliefs of “religions” older than Christianity.  Wow, talk about a lack of knowledge regarding not only the history of Christianity, but Islam as well!  First of all, Judaism, Islam and Christianity sprang from worship of the very same god and as such it really makes no sense to refer to Christianity as a younger religion.

The God of the Bible and Allah of the Koran from inception were one in the same.  I am sure, or at least I hope, most of you are familiar with the lives of Abraham and Sarah.  Sarah sent her maid, Hagar, into Abraham as Sarah became impatient in her old age in providing Abraham with an heir.  Hagar became pregnant and gave birth to Abraham’s son, Ismael. Sarah later became pregnant and gave birth to Abraham’s son, Isaac.  Here is where the split happened.  As I am sure you can imagine, having given birth to Isaac, Sarah became jealous and insisted Hagar and Ismael leave, which they did, and it is the lineage of Ismael and his followers that gave rise to Islam which, in its inception, worshiped the very same god as Abraham and Isaac, the very same God that the Jews worship today, and the very same God that Christians worship today.  Again, this is not something that is only believed and repeated by Christians, but Jews and Muslims also teach that the lineage of Islam traces back to Abraham through his son, Ismael.  Muslims believe Mohammed to be a descendant of Ismael.

Ismael eventually settled in the Desert of Paran, known today as Mecca, located in Saudi Arabia, while Isaac settled in Beersheba, guess where that is, yep, you got it, in modern-day Israel, which is named for Isaac’s son.  From there we get into millenia of wars and enslavement that have brought us to the modern-day conflict wherein both the Jews (Israelites) and Muslims (descendants and followers of Ismael) both lay claim to the territory of Israel.  Let’s try to put a little perspective on this.  The histories of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are in agreement regarding the Bible’s account of Ismael and Isaac, making the Jews (Israelites) the first settlers of the area of Israel.  (Remember, that area named after Isaac’s son, Israel.)  Over the past hundred or so years, Jews have been returning to Israel to reclaim their ancestral home and nation. Who are we, the U.N., or anybody else for that matter, to tell them they have no right to do so?

If you consider the current state of the region, the outbreaks of violence and regular bombings come from the Gaza Strip, which is currently controlled by Hamas.  While Israel has indicated a willingness to live peacefully with the population of Muslims within their borders, most of the Arab population (now calling themselves Palestinians) refuse any type of peace claiming that Israel has no right to exist.  Many believe this is an issue in which we have no business taking sides or being involved, and they do have some valid points; however, try to imagine the impact of no Israel in the middle east, with that area controlled by a group that, for all intent and purposes, qualifies for the label of a terrorist entity.  The implications of this are global, especially now as the entire western world faces regular attacks by radical Islamic groups whose goal is nothing less than world domination by Islam.  You cannot reason with this type of mentality, you cannot find common ground upon which to build any type of peace.  The jihadists will not stop unless or until someone stops them, or they attain their goal of a caliphate, or Islamic kingdom ruled by no secular kind of law but only by pure Koranic and shariah laws; and they do not seem willing to be content with such a kingdom confined to the middle east, they want the world.   

I commend President Trump for making such a grand statement and being clear in his words and deeds where the United States stands on this matter.  I am thankful that we have a President in the White House that truly wants to protect us from terrorism and the ultimate goal of these radical Islamic terrorists.  If we want to maintain our way of life, our freedom, and any semblance of security, we must stand up and show steadfast determination against these terrorists.  Thank you President Trump for doing just that!

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